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Ventrilo is a program which allows voicechat over the Internets. If you don't have Ventrilo, you can get it at its download page.

YTMND's Ventrilo server is located at See Ventrilo's Quick Setup page for help.

The Story

After releasing around 8 of the YTMND soundtracks, Fyrestorm's popularity blew out of proportion on YTMND. He decided that he wanted a way for the community of YTMND to have a way to communicate VOIP, rather than through text. In february he bought a server from [1] that allowed 50 users at a high quality codec. The ventrilo server was a hit, however as of lately it has begun to decline. Sources say that Fyrestorm treats his longterm users like shit compared to the noobies.

Historic Events

  • This is where JoshCube got owned by Max for whining about his YTMNDs getting *.

Former Ventrilo Administrators

Former Ventrilo Moderators

Cho Seung-Hui

People Nobody Likes

Former Ventrilo Users

Former Old Skool Users