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Blaine was a regular on the ytmnd forums, when one day he met up with "Bacon" off of the forums which then they decided to raid about 100 sites in week with goaste & other images out there on the internet. Blaine decided to make a ytmnd showing his rages he causes, Bacon told him about the ytmnd ventrilo & how it could help him. So he went for help on making gifs, he suddenly knew that the vent couldn't ever help anyone. He was here two weeks before EON8 & was in the vent for when the timer went down to zero & every started to scream about how the internet was over and the site was a giant virus which would infect everyones computer with a virus and just destroy the internet. The site ended up being nothing more than a giant hoax and was all just for lawls.

Screen shot of vent from Richard Dean Anderson fad:

He has gone cal-main.