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has been a Ventrilo user since around late April 2006. He has been known on occasion to have severe voice cracks much like Reno. He also is an expert in the ways of voice changes using it to simulate the "body massage man" voice, as well as a rather lackluster rendition of Max's voice changer.

Arsekicker was "grounded" from internet use from May 29 to June 23, but he is currently back and better than ever. His hobbies include Aidan_702, poontang, the YTMND forums, the main site, Gunbound, and ZDaemon Doom, as well as UT2004, Stepmania and several DDR games.

It is unknown who actually likes Arsekicker, it has been rumored to be Reno, Aidan and even sometimes Foxe.


when he is grumpy, the vent users like to call him "ARSKER DA GROUCH"