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March 19th, 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: *** of June 27, 2006
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(Pronounced Wah-sp) An avid YTMND user since Mid-March 2006, xXWaspXx has been viewing the site since early February. Making a few notable sites, he has been a keen critic of frontpage sites and otherwise since the day he activated his account. He is a YTMND Frontpage Super Moderator, a YTMND SFW Forums Super Moderator and a YTMND Ventrilo Server Admin. He is also creator of the site featuring the very first idea of a "YTMND Vent Mafia".

xXWaspXx's Old User Channel on YTMND Ventrilo


xXWaspXx's Moderator Lobby on YTMND Ventrilo


xXWaspXx Being featured in MasterSitsu's YTMND needs Money


When Max announced the fact that he lacked the neccessary funds to keep ytmnd up-and-running, a plethora of sites devoted to the cause were launched, including MasterSitsu's YTMND needs Money. Adding users based on a personal preference and notability on YTMND, along with users that donated to the site, MasterSitsu was able to create a LiveJasmin-like parody to satirically resolve YTMND's deficit. xXWaspXx was featured on the 3rd page (out of 9), under Kassius and above Lina.


?! on EFNet

Moose.jpg This user likes to play hockey with milk bags and is dangerously Canadian.