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Too Much Free Time, created November 19th, 2006
July 16, 2006
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: *** of December 21st, 2006
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Tehpwnerer2 is a new user of YTMND, having only created his account in the summer of 06'. He seems to get downvoted by a number of people, including the one and only ASSCOCK. He hates ASSCOCK's guts. He first gained attention on the YTMND "scene" with his site, Columbine had ONE weakness. It at first had a 3.71 rating, but thanks to the downvoter aforementioned, it has swept down to a 3.66 rating. By the way, that is not him in the picture.

Artikles I've started

This list will continue to grow I hope, lawl lawl.


He is good friends with frenchbreadpizza , often going to him for advice when he can't figure stuff out, which is usually often. Recently, he has been making quite a bit of sites because he is daring to try out his new sound editor and Photoshop. Also, Imageready.

Lol, Controversy.

There has been some behind-the-scenes conflict between Tehpwnerer2 and ASSCOCK. This is because tehpwnerer2 is really concerned about his ratings, and ASSCOCK, with his many alt accounts, has downvoted them therefore bringing down these ratings. One site he isn't particularly proud of is his site "NEDM got pwned :(" which has gained only a measly 1.78 rating.