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Xfactor is 19 years old and lives near Chicago, IL. Hes on ventrillio as much as possible, you can usally find him in the lobbies just chating, but its not odd to see him playing a game of gunbound Gun Game, or participating in an ass raid.

  • The name Xfactor was given to him because of his real name. There is a silent x in his name and he felt that he had to incorporate it into his handel.

  • He only has made two YTMNDs, but he enjoys seeing everyones new work. He votes fairly and wont just 5 somthing he you ask him to.

I know I do - Erkki

Favorite Fads: NEDM, Cosby, and PTKFGS

On Ventrillio: He often comes on to the vent server drunk or drinks on the vent server. A good amount of people know who he is or atleast ahve seen him on.

-He gets a long with the majority of the other vent users with a few exceptions.

-Favorite Vent users include (but are not limited to, and are in no particular order):

  • NeoMatrixclt
  • Jin
  • Scottendo
  • Trish
  • Spazman
  • Soman
  • EyeBeatWomen
  • Boomaga
  • Fyrestorm
  • Label Me demise
  • Cheese
  • xXWaspXx
  • Erkki
  • Toolofthesystem
  • Mikey129
  • Purlplehaze