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Staticman is not really known. Some people know of him, some don't. But if you do not know him, he is a flaming (and I mean FLAMING) faggot. Also, even better, he's a furfag. Not just any furfag, hes a gay, cross dressing, faggot piece of shit fruit loop. He also plays Second Life, which makes him an even BIGGER fucking furfag shit.

Staticman on Ventrilo

He came in like fucking September 06 for the 9/11 Habbo Hotel raid. After the raid, he discovered that ytmndongs is moar than a raid Ventrilo, he discovered it was about the chats, Beating the games (and showing everyone online that you did), and lulz. Sometime in early 07, he found some fag shit playpen 4chan vent. He began to frequent there more, and in December he came out of the closet, making him an even bigger faggot than he was. but in the end, he jumps between both vents.

Staticman on Second Life

Staticman on Second Life is one on the HUGEST faggot you will ever see in your fucking life. On Second Durp, he is a loincloth wearing furfag grey cat(No, really, he is). He also has a fucking e-bf (who shall not be named for safety reasons), LOL. If someone on here happens to have sl, attack him at full force, show no mercy to this little fag shit.

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