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T-Love is normally on the Vent server around everyday. He joined the YTMND Vent Server in Start of December,2006.

He has been most known for his muffinz that he bakes on Stickam.

He started the Vent Fad "Damn nigga get off the motha fuckin phone! nigga bye!" which was made in some ytmnd site.

His favorite game he likes to play is Portal at the moment. and he is actually making a companion cube in his wood shop class.

He likes knifes.

"TLove starts the first "Daft Punk Break", by playing a clip of himself saying "Daft Punk Break" following a short clip of a Daft Punk song. This fad soon caught on and is now done mostly by steakman, usually coming on the name "****DPB****" and playing a Daft Punk song. If you interrupt a "DPB" you are subject to being muted, or possibly banned. " (taken from front page.)


also cack and bawls.