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March 22, 2007
June 14, 1990
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Touchy-Feely Crap No One Likes

I've visited the site since mid 2005, but joined up in 2007, and since then have made 13-15 sites of my own. I still don't possess skills that allow me to use my ideas the way I'd like, but so far I can claim that of my sites, none are below a two and none are at a four. Basically, I'm a perfect medium. Someday I'll learn photoshop and imageready, but until then, I'll gladly shovel okay sites onto Ytmnd. In regards to other members and the site itself, I'll address my stances on several issues.

  • Featured Users was a terrible idea, as it inflated the egos of everyone who became pink.
  • I'm skeptical of what the conversion to flash will bring, and the idea of ads on the sites themselves (or on the loaders) makes them uneasy. I remember yfly.
  • I'm watching 4chan collapse upon itself and I realize that joining ytmnd was the best thing I've done on the internet

Fad Contributions

  • Lando
  • 4/20/2008
  • The YTMND Tee-Shirt Contest


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