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DX30 was a troll posing as a 13 year old kid who came on the Ventrilo in mid September. As Fyrestorm was annoying random people on the server, DX30 began threatening to sue him for internet harassment, claiming that his mom was a lawyer. Fyrestorm came to a crowded lobby and asked the users to help harass the little fag.
The users chased him from lobby to lobby and finally into the AFK channel where they woke up Tool of the System. DX30 was verbally molested by the regulars until he was banned. There are many recordings of his reactions.

He made multiple YTMNDs with MS Paint images and his own voice, mostly concerning Halo and smooth jazz.

Fyrestorm enjoyed messing with the kid and would unban him every time he was bored. DX30 continued to come on, moving to popular lobbies which were muted so the mods could have their fun with him. This broke up conversations and pissed off the regulars, who could tell he was not a little kid and that he was just trolling.

He finally came out and admitted to being a troll, and attempted to become accepted, but was promptly perma-banned

He left with a message to all, "I owned your mom at Halo....Hard."

The DX30 soundboard can still be found here: