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Andreus is a YTMND user and a YTMND Ventrilo member. He is a stupid furry faggot (quite literally, as he has on several occasions admitted to taking it in the ass) and often gets kicked in the balls by people much more intelligent and attractive than him (OR SHOULD THAT BE MUCH MURR INTELLIGENT AND ATTRACTIVE? LOL FURRIES).

He often comes onto Ventrilo to piss off the innocent, law-abiding people who dwell there with his snobbish accent (he's a Britfag from Englandistan) and lax grip on reality, but the mods are often kind enough to mute his ass before he does something too stupid. Andreus is, like all furries, the scourge of civilized society, and is only protected from being donkey-punched down thirty-nine flights of ass-kicking by archaic and unneccessary laws which keeps the living shit from getting kicked out of faggoty British furries. He particularly hates conservatism and because he's a butt-clenching liberal cocksmoker he's understandably extremely touchy about politics it's incredibly easy to piss him off by intimating that you think that it's unfair to summarily execute anyone who has a vague belief in conservatism.

In short, Andreus is an unimaginably gigantic fag, on par with MichaelWolfson and DX30, but not quite as funny.


  • "I hope that every optic nerve in your eye sockets flares up with the brightness of a star, so that you have the fires of a million stars burning inside your head"
  • "God I'm such a fag"