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April 30, 2006
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vote4pedro is one of the first (and only) documented African-Americans on ytmnd, and on the internet period. Pedro has had a history of being banned by fyrestorm, who has a documented history of clan activities. In his spare times vote4pedro loves to steal internets, harass white women, and fuck da police.

MasterSitsu loves him.

Has had numerous conversations with dropkick, in which he explictly tries and degrade dropkick. Eventually, dropkick asked how the hell he is on the internet if he's black, to which he replied "I stole the internet". dropkick then asked how he accomplished this, to which he responded to admitting to have "killed two small children, raped a white woman, and is on the internet now". He has done this once, he claims, to which all dropkick replied "I guess saftey is not guarenteed.

In late June of 2006, vote4pedro and user DZK had a major rap battle. Even though vote4pedro lost, his tenacity against a proven lyricist was well respected. Now vote4pedro gets more head from Haley than DZK does.

Is also constantly called a "Nigger" by Jin, who now died.