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HKK is a mildly insane user who has been around since the beginning of YTMND although didn't decide to register until September 2004. When XYTMND was created HKK posted over there until being banned for disagreeing with JewKiller and Herr Ragnar's methods of running a forum. He then bounced around various places on the internet while making very average YTMND's. Having the social life of a retarded goat, HKK decided to download Vent and join the YTMND Server in August 2006.

One night he decided to tell everyone in Vent to go to his stickam page promising something big would happen. Around thirty people joined the room to see a blank cam. HKK promised something would happen soon. Around two mintues later he turned the camera on only to have it focus on his penis as he blew a load all over his shirt. Various people on Vent went crazy and still bring it up when he's around. This was a once in a lifetime thing he claims and vows to never do it again.

However, there is one thing that HKK does very frequently on stickam and that is to reenact Buffalo Bill's penis tuck dance scene from Silence of The Lambs. This includes using chapstick on his lips uttering the lines "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard." while the song "Goodbye Horses" plays in the background. HKK tends to moonwalk and do the robot while doing this dance. After doing this for the first time ToolOfTheSystem decided to close HKK's cam when ever he pops up in someone's stickam room.