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November 7, 2005
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Teknorat is the largest individual monetary supporter of YTMND besides Max Goldberg himself. To date, he has spent over $2000 USD in support of the YTMND Network. He is considered a controversial author, due to sponsoring his own YTMNDs, sponsoring sites with little merit and creating sites with inflammatory content. His YTMNDs are typically off-color and contain controversial and political themes.

Adding to his mystique is the fact that he does not refute the arguments that he is illogically spending his money; In fact, he often encourages it and has even created two sites about his sponsorships.

On June 14th, 2007 Teknorat traveled to New Orleans to meet Max Goldberg and Typogra. Much social awkwardness and intoxication ensued.

Teknorat lives at