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November 2nd, 2005
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Avg. vote rate: **** of March 5, 2007
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The Man With The Plan

Koryoko is a user of ytmnd since mid 2005. He foolishly walked into YTMND ventrilo during early 2006. During these days, Koryoko learned the ways of the samurai. His life was rotated an entire 180 degrees. A Japanese + Peruvian hybrid, Koryoko, grabs the ladies like there is no tommorow. Tagged as Dr.Koryoko by most of the Vent Mafia, You will hear with no surprise.."Dr.Koryoko is getting laid, lololololol." Sadly, These are fyrestorm's words.

He Gets Around

In late 2006, Koryoko met up with fyrestorm. Lulz ensued the entire day. Starting at Fyrestorm's Luxurious 28th floor job, They walked the city streets as the men of honor they were. Well, Only to be a block since they walked to white castle to fill those munchies up. Train to hookah bar then to fyrestorm's house where after a day of exhaust and the cornell college life, Koryoko sadly passed out. But to one man this can be misfortune, To another, This is lulz. Fyre grabbed the webcam, logged on to stickam and then went for the shaving cream. Koryoko was trolled IRL.

To this day, Koryoko and Fyre are best friends.

Ventrilo Moderator

Koryoko is one of the YTMNDongs Ventrilo Moderators. Being a neutral moderator is hard these days, Slapping around the trolls and making girls take their shirts off is a hard days work. He currently has an eye on bitchslapping that canadian faggot xXWaspXx

YTMND Style & Fads

Koryoko's style is not one that sticks. Artmnd user but slips into the fads once in a while.

YTMND fad: EPIC [NAME] DOMAIN GRAB, This was a forced fad where koryoko took the ventrilo user names and grabbed their domains before they could. This ended up as a joke with xXWaspXx and Mazaku. xXWaspXx had taken koryoko's name as a domain which caused koryoko to take everyone else's domains. The Lulz ensued and everyone got athina's nudes. Killing two birds with one stone, Mazaku and Koryoko exploited the domains by both accidently grabbing the lordkarmic domain and breaking the site. Both users now own the domain and is shown in both profiles.

Koryoko's words to this were: "Max is going to shit bricks"