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{{Ventrilo users}}
{{Ventrilo users}}
[[Category:YTMND features]]
[[Category:YTMND features]]
*The vent falls into utter turmoil, when user [[Kitty]] is granted admin rights to the server. The event causes outcries from both sides of the conversation, resulting in some of the more established users to threaten to leave the server for good. This unfortunately, overshadows the day [[soman]] is granted admin powers as well.

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Ventrilo is a program which allows voicechat over the Internets. If you don't have Ventrilo, you can get it at its download page.


YTMND's Ventrilo server is located at vent.ytmndongs.com:3834 / See Ventrilo's Quick Setup page for help.

fyrestorm has put up a donation page to help pay for the server monthly here.


Around the end of December 2005, Fyrestorm decided that he wanted a way for the community of YTMND to have a way to communicate VOIP, rather than through text. He subscribed to a server from http://nationvoice.com, and recieved the "vent.ytmndongs.com" IP forwarding address from Snaxe. The ventrilo server was a hit, developing regulars, staff meetings, and various community-building activities. The server has gained more popularity recently due to the "Put Shoe on Head" fad, and the Wiki being linked on the front page.

Historic Events

  • JoshCube got owned by Max for whining about his YTMNDs getting *, sparking a few YTMNDs featuring recordings of them quarreling. This was the first time the user limit was at maximum, due to users joining in to hear Max bash on JoshCube. Most users, however, missed out on JoshCube's satirical wit. He has since been dubbed a "secret genius" by more in-the-know forum users.
  • xXWaspXx coins the term "Vent Mafia" and the YTMND Ventrilo mafia is born, beginning first with the creaton of xXWaspXx's YTMND Vent Mafia site, then with the VentMafia alt account. It's first site (VentMafia Test Site) was made by boomaga. Later on, Crystal took xXWaspXx's vent mafia logo and put it on this wiki page. xXWaspXx then re-did the logo to what it looks like today.
  • Fyrestorm and a friend got blitzed and sang rap for a good ten or fifteen minutes, on and off. A few people have recorded it but no audio clips have been made, as of yet. Whatchoo know about that?
  • Jin Died 8/29/1986-7/12/2006-7/15/2006
  • Icion had a private chat with Syncan's then-girlfriend Trish. Syncan repeatedly banned Icion in response. Current mods have been reluctant to undo the bans, for various reasons. The bans continued well after the two had broken up.
  • The DX30 Week starts. The events are filled with DX30 screaming and pretending to be unbelievably naive. He finally came out and admitted it was an act.
  • Syncan and Kitty appeared together in Syncan's giant mansion. Featured apperances: Kitty's nipples, feet licking, boob grabbing and alcohol. More to come! More like cum.

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