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Life On The Moon, created 16th February 2006
14th February 2006
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Hey, I'm Chav-Slayer. The following account of my time on YTMND is typed with no ego, and originally existed soley because users have asked about my time on YTMND. I then figured it'd be nice to keep a record of things for myself when I look back at YTMND in the future. If anything does sound obnoxious or arrogant, please tell me. It might only seem that way because I've been here quite a while and have a lot to say. Those not interested are not being forced to read. Alrighty? Here we go!

Discovery - 2004

I first discovered YTMND in November 2004 when told about the famous YTMND Hillary Duff Is A NAZI!, which now resides in the YTMND Hall Of Fame. However, I was not able to view the site as this was during the period where YTMND was taken down by Max as he had no way to host the site at the time. As a result, I was linked the the original YTMND, which was quite a bizarre discovery at first, but the looping quote, immortalised in the classic 'Picture + Sound + Text' format lingered in the back of my mind. What was this site supposed to accomplish? With no other sites to be found or viewed at the time, I forgot about the website for the time being. It wasn't until May 2005 that I would run into this strange place once more. This time it was popular user ShadowSora's NOOOller Coaster, another YTMND which has earned its place in the Hall Of Fame. It was at this point that I was introduced to the YTMND we know and love today - a place where anyone could make hilarious and insightful sites. From here I began to lurk, viewing and voting as standard. Eventually, I'd give the YTMND-creating thing a spin myself...

Original YTMND Career - 2005

I became a YTMNDer in June 2005, and began to understand YTMND's history and how it worked. It was on October 7th 2005 that I made my first ever YTMND - Oogie Boogie Comments On MGS4. The site was faithful to the small fad it was based on, with an appropriate image, the text "YOU'RE JOKING" and a sound loop of Oogie Boogie from his song in The Nightmare Before Christmas singing "You're jokin', you're jokin'! I can't believe my eyes! You're jokin' me, you gotta be, this can't be the right guy!". I continued to create YTMNDs and even got my first #1 YTMND with Jaws: The Animated GIF!. My most successful YTMND during this 2005 career was Books Your Kids Shouldn't Read, featuring a GIF I had created of various children's books humorously edited by Something Awful users (I took no credit for making the images, just the GIF), accompanied by Kraftwerk's Popcorn. The YTMND was created in the style of Year of the Owl by Broncostar, which was a collection of amusing edits of the famous O RLY owl. Books Your Kids Shouldn't Read reached the top spot with a score of 4.90, and during its existence, it had gained nearly 200,000 views. However, the majority of my sites were fairly poor. I mean they just sucked hard.

Uh Oh, Spaghettios - 2005

By late November 2005, I felt I was being plagued by downvoters, believing I was being targeted by them. I created a couple of accounts to protect the YTMNDs I created from this point. Unfortunately, instead of using one or two accounts to help defend myself against downvoters, I started making more accounts, cheating my way into the new Up And Coming section on YTMND I didn't notice I was upvoting myself straight into this spot at first. I would've stopped otherwise, realising I really was being a cheat. I was eventually caught out by the moderator IggyKoopa and deleted by Max in late December 2005. Guess I should've realised I was being downvoted because most of my sites consisted of unoriginal images and audio, but hey, at least I tried to make some original jokes with them!

The Comeback - 2006

I returned in February 14th 2006 and made a YTMND apologising for my cheating. I kind of felt bad since I was, in a way, making my favourite site worse. I promised never to cheat again and that I would always vote fairly. My apology YTMND seemed to be well-received by users and I was welcomed back. Yay! I was the first ever user to make an apology YTMND. I soon began to create YTMNDs once more. However, they would all be original creations rather than animations and images I found on other websites.

Current YTMND Career - 2006

By May 2006, I began to use more advanced programs such as Photoshop to make higher quality YTMNDs. My first attempt at Photoshop resulted in the creation of Hell March Of The Penguins, where the penguins of March Of The Penguins were edited to wield AK-47's. As well as this, the Soviet Battle Lab and Kirov Airships from Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 are visible. Hell March from the original Red Alert plays in the background. Making GIFs and messing around with Photoshop has become somewhat of a hobby, and I try to improve my editing skills with each new site. I recently designed a YTMND entitled Looking For YTMND? for a contest to make a YTMND explaining that people who visit these sites have misspelled "YTMND". The winning site would be placed in the Hall Of Fame and used for the purpose of redirecting people to I had hoped to win the Hall Of Fame entry to "leave my mark" on YTMND, but lost the contest to superior entries from users nutnics and typogra. HOF DENIED. Up to this point, the quality of my sites have greatly improved (in comparison to my old crap anyway), with some of them making the Top Rated and Top Viewed at times, but I'm no MasterSitsu/Smoothmedia/Money-Hat/Nutnics/State-of-mind/Insert Username Here. So far in my current career on the site, I do not have any fad-related sites to my name.

Current YTMND Career Continued - 2007

In terms of site-making, was relatively slow compared to 2006. Ten sites were submitted, including two attempts at 'Classic' YTMNDs, Jesus This, Moses That... and Bad Guy Falls In Poop. I became one of over 300 'featured users' selected by Max, which guarantees front-page status for any sites I make. I thought the 'Worthwhile YTMNDs' section was sufficient but this system works for me too. I finally caved in and made a fad-related site this year - Katamari Lebowski - which had become my most-viewed site of my current career. Then in November, High Stakes Hitler became my most successful YTMND in views, votes and score, even starting a small fad of sorts.

Onwards, You Men Now Dogs - Thoughts For The Future - 2008

I aim to be more active this year, at least through making YTMNDs. I've certainly slowed down when it comes to commenting and voting on other sites. I had planned a 'Blitzkrieg' of sorts, ten sites released in one combo. I decided not to carry this out, and released a few of them out within days of each other in late January to early February. I have more completed YTMNDs on 'standby' for when I have a little more spare time to tweak them prior to release and monitor feedback. While the spirits of some users may be low during this period, I believe YTMND is improving. The recent 'Uncle Phil' fad is exactly the kind of insane meme that made the website fun in the first place. I have somewhat high hopes that the moderation system will eliminate some of the problems we face with pesky users and abusive conduct. The website in general needs new rules and perks, but this is being seen to eventually as well.

Oh Dear - 2009


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  • Age: 22
  • Nationality: English
  • Occupation: Student/Animator-in-training
  • YTMNDs Created - 2005: 202
  • YTMNDs Created - 2006 - 2012: 70
  • Views Accumulated - 2005: 300,000+
  • Views Accumulated - 2006 - 2012: 1,350,000+
  • Votes Accumulated - 2005: 6000+
  • Votes Accumulated - 2006 - 2012: 36,000+
  • Average YTMND Rating - 2005: 2.5
  • Average YTMND Rating - 2006 - 2012: 4.3
  • Fads Started: Obi-Wan (2005, kicking off in early 2006), Hitler (2007)
  • Sponsorship Funds Accumulated: $22.92 (Thanks to AwesomeBob and GordonFremen)
  • Tools of the Trade - 2006 - 2008: Dell Inspiron 6000 (1.86 GHz, 1GB RAM), Adobe Photoshop/Imageready CS2, Adobe Audition
  • Tools of the Trade - Upcoming/Current: Dell XPS M1530 (2.5 GHz, 4GB RAM), Adobe Photoshop CS3/Imageready CS2, Adobe Audition/Soundbooth, Flash CS3


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