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2006-05-06 10:54:46
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Attention Gay Person

I wrote this wiki way back when I used to care about the U+C, stars, and becoming YTMND famous. Since, I have collected a nice little sub-group of YTMND friends and mainly make sites to entertain them and myself. If one of those happens to be accepted by the general public, I'm glad people enjoy it. If not, who cares?

For prosperity, I left my original wiki here as a reminder of how much I used to hump 5 star votes.

What Lies Below

I'm pretty old as far as the YTMND crowd goes, but I try to think of unusual, funny things to contribute to the site. Sometimes they are more visual like with N*gg* Stole Tom's Bike or Celebrities Don't Care, but that is only when I have an idea that I think deserves the time involved in those kinds of edits. Also, it helps shift focus away from my low quality audio. I have been working to improve it as of late however, mainly with practice.

I enjoy YTMND because I enjoy the feedback on things I create and I never take it too seriously. Since I let my online comic strip slide, YTMND has taken up the slack for my creativity.

To keep it interesting, I keep setting little goals for myself, and have since my first site. Just something to keep it interesting, so that a successful ytmnd means more to me. This list is what I have in my head, and I'd rather put it down somewhere where I can't "forget" what the goal was and just pretend I met it.

  • italicized = completed and bold = not complete
    • Make the U+C
    • Make #1 U+C for the majority of a day
    • Make Top Viewed for an entire day
    • Get 500 votes in one day
    • Have a 4.5+ rating after 300 votes
    • Make the Most Voted and stay on it for the week
    • Start a fad
    • Parade in honor of my greatness
    • Site Sponsored

I don't care too much if a YTMND doesn't fly, as long as it gets 10 or so votes before it dies. I also don't care when I complete these goals. But if I do make something that does very well, it does make my day that much more enjoyable.

Plus, I love comments.