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To put it mildly, OtterVomit is a nerd. In fact, he was once described as "a golden shimmering hyper swollen nerd king" by user nutnics. Born in 1980, Otter was educated in the trade of geekdom by his father Jon-Saint Germain and as a result, Otter has extensive knowledge of nerd culture spanning over 4 decades. Otter has seen and memorized every incarnation of Star Trek ever produced, which serves him well on ytmnd. Obsessed with actors such as William Shatner and Bruce Campbell, Otter will often track down awful, obscure and forgotten films starring these actors, watching them for hours in search of gems to use in his creations, often with no results.

Otter is also noted for an unhealthy obsession with The King. In fact, it is forbidden in Otter's house to speak ill of The Burger King out of fear for his "supernatural powers."

Otter is a Buddhist and tries very hard to avoid petty squabbling or unfriendliness in general. He truly just wants to get along with everyone he meets. Some of the maturity levels on YTMND presents interesting challenges in this regard.

Otter is a great fan of classical music which will sometimes show in the audio of his YTMND's. His favorite composers are Wagner, Dvorak, Bach and Mozart. He often raids movie soundtracks for classical-style content as well.

One July 30, 2006 The Washington Times ran an article on which featured Otter's site SHATNER IS KIRK. This pleased Otter very much as he always tries to promote the growth and good name of YTMND.

On August 5th, The Wall Street Journal ran an article which featured the SHATNER IS KIRK site as well as a comment from Otter on the idea of Matt Damon playing the iconic Captain Kirk:

One "Star Trek" fan reacted to the Damon news by creating a homemade video that uses vintage footage of Mr. Shatner in his signature role. When he sees an online news article describing the new casting, Kirk swats a computer monitor off a table and, from the USS Enterprise, opens fire on Paramount Studios.

Its creator, Jonathan Riggs, a 26-year-old resident of Knoxville, Tenn., said Captain Kirk should be recreated by a relative unknown, similar to the casting of Brandon Routh in "Superman Returns."

"A big name actor may struggle with nuances of the character," he said.

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