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Bubb Rubb
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Original YTMND:
Bubb Rubb
by oldmangimper
May 3, 2004
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Bubb Rubb is an Internet phenomenon started by a television broadcast on KRON-TV channel 4 in San Francisco. Bubb Rubb is also the nickname of the subject of the fad.

In 2003, KRON broadcasted a story about whistle tips, devices welded into a car's muffler to cause a loud whistle as the exhaust gas passes. Residents of Oakland were upset because of the disturbance caused by the constant whistling. Besides interviewing those who were upset by the whistle tips, the news station also interviewed fans of the modification. One of these fans was a man calling himself Bubb Rubb. During the interview he said the phrase that would bring him his 15 minutes of fame - "The whistles go WHOOO!" At the end of the interview, Bubb Rubb wanted to demonstrate what his newly installed automotive modification sounded like. With Lil' Sis behind the wheel and Bubb Rubb hanging out of the passenger-side window, she floored the accelerator in front of the camera. Lil' Sis temporarily lost control of the vehicle, nearly hitting a parked car and running a stop sign.

The KRON broadcast was captured onto digital video and posted on the Internet. The Bubb Rubb phenomenon was propagated throughout the Internet by many of the car enthusiast forums. Several remixes were made of the broadcast which depicted Bubb Rubb dancing and rapping to his famous phrase, and numerous websites host\soundboards showcasing snippets of Bubb Rubb's interview comments.

"Lil' Sis," as she is called on the newscast, is the apparent sister of Bubb Rubb. Lil' Sis is most often quoted as saying, "Jus' fo' deca'ration," while nodding to Bubb Rubb's statements. A few YTMNDs were made, mainly classic-style captures of clips from the interview.

For whatever reason, Bubb Rubb became a fad on YTMND in 2007, following several high-quality parodies, which in turn led to more spinoffs and remixes on YTMND. One recent parody, Zelda: The Bubb Rubb of Time, is now the 4th highest rated YTMND ever, the pinnacle of Bubb Rubb's recent influence on the site. Shortly after these sites were created, Bubb Rubb's popularity once again faded. However, there were enough parodies created during this short period to consider Bubb Rubb as a 'true' fad, years after its popularity elsewhere.


Oakland Cracks Down on Whistle Tips KRON-TV, 2003

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