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OakDotOak (also known as Oakster or Oak) is a British YTMND user who originally joined in May 2004.

His first YTMND was "I am a Real AmeriKHAAAAN!", parodying Hulk Hogan and KHAN!. The site since then was deleted after Max started a short-lived policy of 10 sites maximum per user. OakDotOak made his first hit in the Top Rated YTMND list with You're The X-Men Now Dog consisting of the major fads in 2004 as X-Men.

OakDotOak's YTMND peak occured in mid-2005 when he created such sites as This is CNNOOOOOOOO!, a site parodying CNN and Darth Vader, and Super MacGyver World, a site remixing the "MACGYVER!" yell with a tune from Super Mario World. Since 2006, OakDotOak has been less frequently submitting sites but made his most popular site to date, parodying Cyberman in Cyberman vs. The Daleks.

As well as YTMND, OakDotOak is a fan of WWE, Doctor Who, Nintendo games and currently helps running an e-fed as well as spending time as a Wikipedia editor.


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May 26, 2004
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