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Nov 14th, 2006
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NiteSky is no stranger to the culture that exists in this unique corner of the Internet. An observer since summer 2006, he finally decided to set up an account and jump into the fray. That same day he was quick to create his first site entitled Epic Steve Irwin Maneuver thus aiding in the perpetuation of one of his favourite fads.


From time to time NiteSky has producing origional works free of all recognizable aspects of ytmnd culture. Perhaps his most prominant example is Your World Before You Were Born, a site that aims to make the user think and question his place in the universe. To date, his sites of this nature have enjoyed only moderate levels of success.

Ethical Stance

As a user of principle, NiteSky supports the vision of a free and just ytmnd where order is maintained and regulation is thoroughly practiced. In 2006 he stated that “A fair community where creativity is allowed to thrive without fear of injustice is one where the greatest results are to be found”. In addition to his take on the current state of ytmnd, NiteSky also recognizes that there are many challenges facing those who are in power that may wish to achieve similar ends. NiteSky fully endorses their efforts.

Taking A Stand

NiteSky strongly condemned the attack of Jan 6th, 2007 which targeted the user Fourestresulting in the complete deletion of all of his sites. NiteSky has always opposed the concept of unregulated shared accounts such as the account of Dr-L337 that has been used to hack.

NiteSky has always been one to stress the necessity of a strong moderator system and this need seemed ever more apparent to him on the evening of Feb 21st, 2007. On this occasion, he attempted to launch a ytmnd entitled TH3 R34L P1ZZ4 CULPR1T but within moments the user GucheHair used at least a dozen of his alternate accounts in a successful bid to downvote it into obscurity. When NiteSky made an effort to re-release his work hours later, the user once again attempted to tarnish the site's potential.

NiteSky also strongly condemned the actions of the same user against the P1ZZ4 sites of BTape, a prominant member of the YTMND community which took place on the following day. Within 48 hours the problem was resolved.

2008 Revelations

In the Spring of 2008, NiteSky became inspired by the work of Dr. Billy V. Koen. Motivated by his message, NiteSky has since taken it upon himself to create KOENTMNDs chronicling Koen's efforts to qualify the engineers of tomorrow. From releasing Hip-Hop videos aimed at youth to confronting politicians, Koen has made certain that all who seek to make it in modern engineering finish C and do Matlab.


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