Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey
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Original YTMND:
Mariah Carey Dancing In Butter
by lizardman
January 30, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
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Mariah Carey's presence on YTMND is mainly under the sites created by lizardman in 2006. Such 'Carey' sites included film edits and puns in the style of the Dew Army YTMNDs. These often gained a lot of views, but the popularity of his Carey sites was debatable. Some were voted high, but users were often split on the topic, and the sites usually acquired a more average score. On the other hand, they often got a significant amount of views, making the Top 15 Viewed regularly at the time. These sites likely made top viewed due to lizardman's many alt accounts, as the sites tended to not be very well received. In any case, one of these sites would prove to have an impact on YTMND.

Mariah Carey Dancing In Butter, featuring the singer dancing in a tub of butter. This bizarre site became a Moderator's Favorite and the song which accompanied it would also appear in Volume 13 of the YTMND Soundtrack. Since its creation, a small following of YTMNDs featuring miniature celebrities dancing in various foods have appeared. The celebrities used are often singers of some kind. The most prominent contributor to the original style of the 'Dancing In Butter' site would have to be dctownes, with three particularly impressive additions:

More sites like these are appearing in 2007. Should these spinoffs continue to be made by other users, a separate 'Dancing In' fad could occur. 'Dancing In' or 'Mariah Carey' can not yet be considered a large fad, or even a true fad at this point, largely due to the lack of influence from more than a handful of users. For example, many of the Carey sites only came from lizardman himself, and a YTMND principle is that a users can not create a true fad by making multiple sites on the topic s/he wants to make into a fad. Regardless of this, the original site was certainly memorable, splitting audiences over the actual humour. With over 150,000 views and 2,500 votes, this was one of the more successful, famous YTMNDs of 2006.