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June 3, 2004
Avg. site rating: Stars red 41.gif   4.12
Avg. vote rate: Stars red 37.gif   3.65 of January 24, 2008
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MikeyComicsInc is a 23 year old from South New Jersey. He enjoys many things which include but are not limited to: drawing, guitar, photoshop, and movies.

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YTMND Career
  • YTMNDs Created: 77
  • Views Accumulated: 705,724
  • Votes Accumulated: 18,478
  • Average Site Rating: 4.12  Stars red 41.gif
  • *FAV!* Collected: 1,104 of January 24, 2008.


When I joined in June 2004, I started out making some pretty crap sites. Though I'd like to think that since then, my sites have improved. 2006 was a light year, but I started making a lot of ytmnds in 2006 and 2007. 2008 has been siteless thus far but I have a bunch of ideas I'm going to begin soon. I used to go on the YTMND Gabbly chat on rare occasion but not in months. I always try to help people with whatever I can, so to turn my  Mail.gif  into a  Hasmail.gif.


Style of YTMNDs

I'm picky about my looping usually being as precise as possible. I make my own gifs and they're always pretty decent Photoshops. I like to make widescreen YTMNDs. I always use the preloader. I always cite my sources and put actual keywords. I use centered / #000000 way too much (although I'm getting better). I never use site text anymore. I participate in fads more than I want to; I just always get sucked in lol. Although, for every fad site I make, I make something original; so, it kind of evens out.

WikiWiki.gif Contributions

Here are my "worthy" contributions to this wiki. This doesn't include any minor edits.

Alogo 5.gif Accomplishments

Here are some milestones I've reached that I'm proud of.

  • Several YTMNDs at the top of or on the Top Viewed list (once, 2 on that list simultaneously)
  • Several on the Top Rated for the Week list (once , 3 on that list simultaneously)
  • Several on Up&Coming for the max period of time (a few times, 2 on that list simultaneously)
  • YTMNDs with 1000+ votes
  • YTMND with 150,000+ views: Wilma gives Florida a HJ
  • YTMND in the Moderator Favorites: Wilma gives Florida a HJ
  • Obtained featured status as of 12/30/07

Fav*FAV!* YTMNDers

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