Heyyy, Get Outta Here

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Heyyy, Get Outta Here
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Original YTMND:
Heyyy, Get Outta Here
by PCF
January 5, 2007
Worthy Spinoffs:

Heyyy, Get Outta Here is a fad created by the noteworthy user PCF. The fad started when he created an original-style YTMND of a short scene from the film Click starring Adam Sandler and YTMND favorite Christopher Walken. The scene featured is of Walken, who plays the eccentric inventor Morty - creator of a "Universal Remote Control" - delivering perhaps his most memorable quote in the film - "Heyyy, Get Outta Here!".

The classic style of the site and the humor in Walken's delivery of the line made the site fairly popular with users of YTMND, and a small fad has spawned, implementing the quote into different situations and scenes. Although Walken is already popular on the site, through other sites on YTMND, this counts as a movie-based fad in its own right, rather than part of an overall "Walken" fad.

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