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April 29, 2004
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I've found a way to extract sustenance from my ratings. Keep them coming; they're keeping me alive.

"The wiki was never intended to be used for user profiles, it was created in the hopes that users would write helpful documentation about YTMND and answer frequently asked questions. Instead most users selfishly just edit their own profile and not much else."

- max, June 2nd, 2007



I'm too lazy to deepthroat this. Can you do it for me?

About PCF (Precious Cock Fondler)

You can even just use it as a wall and use it for e-tagging, vandalism, ask me for sexual favors, etc. YOU CAN EVEN PRINT IT OUT IF YOU WANT TO. Be my guest.

Now that's some fine vandalism if you ask me. Needs more e-tagging, though. -PCF

its like a war movie plus a product i saw at walmart, imo not funny at all but i make them anyway and watch them collect over 4.50 ratings, but that's only if i'm having a bad day. It's never a good day if you are constantly reminding yourself that you are a border jumper trying to make quality sites and hoping to make some money to bring back and feed the people i love. You can imagine how hard it is for a 12 year old to try to get by just by makin ytmnd's. You have no idea how I felt when I discovered you can't actually make money doing that. My family's going to kill me, which is why I'm just gonna stay here and keep makin sites. It's also a caring place here, i have made some really neat friends that try to give me tips, like fourest "why are you constantly making war sites, their a fucking waste of time". I thought of this alot, and now i understand a lot more, but I know that I still have a lot left to learn and understand. Ochobobo told me that he would keep making sites about the movie Back to the Future until I finally saw it. But I can't even understand the title so how could I understand the movie? There's just no hope. Immigration is still trying to find me, but they still need to round up other people that jumped border, so i can hang out here for a while. Carlos Mencia is trying to be cool and act like he's hiding out with me, but i know better. I looked him up on wikipedia and it says he's american. hey maybe I can include him in a ytmnd using The Alamo movie. I hope i can meet some of these war heroes one day, i know Tom Hanks served in WW2, that's awesome, same with Nicolas Cage, man... I love Tom Hanks so much I have a ytmnd of him masturbating, i should edit a real penis in there for my purpose (and pleasure) only. This one time i replaced the heads of a bunch of japanese people with some random cartoon fish heads all screaming "chocolate" for some reason.i was hoping it would get a 4.99 but it only got a 4.82 I was so disappointed. now it's only like a 4.75, i'm gonna go kill myself, this won't even get a taco bell meal supersized. I also spent like 12 hours just trying to photoshop a bar of chocolate on to the japanese flag and nobody even acknowledged it. i can't believe this, i'm gonna quit life and play world of warcraft, or if i wasn't such a rebel and comnig to America to join the YTMND force, i could have been a soilder in my country, and played war with my dad and his friends. I know for sure that if I did fight in the military my efforts would be rated at least a 4.87, as usual...the "nigga stole my phone" site was made by my younger brother, i told him to make it good or he would get 20 lashings. He only got 10, because he forgot to colour the African-American's arms. I was able to explain in the comments that "that was the joke" and luckily, people accepted that explanation for some reason. Before I became popular on YTMND, i had over 10,000 alts registered that i used to downvote people because i didn't feel the need that they should be happy, since i'm not. The alts got deleted when max caught me, but he told me i could stay because he understood i wasn't doing this for me, i was doing it for my family <3 Now I'm most likely going to become a moderator (despite the 10,000 downvoting alts) hopefully then I'll be able to get some money to bring back home, or American food, i'm sick of finding cockroaches in my rice. ]fourestlikes my cock but I say no and he tries to get me to watch wicker man with him with some cheap wine. I'm secretly in love with Connor and BTape. YEAH RIGHT. --- Connor 23:22, April 26, 2007 (CDT)

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2022-11-27 04:43:12
max *
this userpage is sh*t on so many levels. +1 [reply] [+|-]
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max hates me :'(
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