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November 05, 2005
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Heroic Warrior

Stratos-the-bratos was born on the 12th of December in 1982. He's living in Berlin right now and is a reknowned ytmnd maker, most notable for jump starting the ">" greater than fad, with his Lex Luther > Kaz Hirai site created on May 23, 2006. He is also responsible for starting the insane Hobo-Cruise fad.

Consistent Quality

Stratos-the-bratos prefers to create high quality sites, and is particularly keen on Tom Cruise and Pokemon parodies. Stratos is the leader of a race of Bird People from the land of Avion, humans with the power of flight and other bird-like abilities. The Bird People are close allies of He-Man and Stratos is one of his most trusted warriors. Besides the power of flight and his aerial acrobatic skills, Stratos is also a handy spy for the Heroic Warriors due to his sharp, bird-like eyes.