Into The Abyss

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Into The Abyss
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Original YTMND:
Into The Abyss  
by Bob-the-builder 
February 22, 2008  
Worthy spinoffs:

Into The Abyss is a fad which spawned in February 2008 following the creation of a looped animation from the series Planet Earth. It depicts a man with a parachute jumping into a cave in the ground. Spinoffs replace either who is jumping or what is being jumped into.

Prior to the release of this YTMND, the user responsible, Bob-the-Builder, had made successful loops from the nature series, which also spawned spinoffs and served as small fads of sorts. One of these loops in particular that achieved relative success on YTMND previously was 24 Hours of Sunlight.

In just a week, many spinoffs developed from Into The Abyss, enough to be recognized as a small fad for the time being. Although the creation of spinoffs on Bob-the-Builder's past Planet Earth loops have died out within a week themselves, Into The Abyss appears to have won over YTMND's audiences in general.

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