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YTMND - The Soundtrack is YTMND's official compilation of musical recordings used in fads and popular pages on the YTMND web site, maintained by fyrestorm.

Before fyrestorm released the first five volumes of this soundtrack, there were nearly a dozen YTMND sites claiming to be about a soundtrack (example). The YTMND community eventually recognized fyrestorm's compilation as the site's official soundtrack.

The first 5 volumes of the soundtrack were originally released October 29, 2005. With its success, fyrestorm quickly released Volume 6 on November 12, 2005, due to its growing popularity with the YTMND community.

The soundtrack currently spans seventeen volumes, and is available for download via BitTorrent Lol Torrentspy disabled. Link doesn't work. With few exceptions, each song is presented in its full radio or album edit, not the shorter looped excerpts that are common on most YTMND sites. Each release is accompanied with a voice promotion by YTMND user Dasyati, along with a promotional animation made by fyrestorm. The promotional audio is also included within each soundtrack torrent.

Note that due to an ongoing copyright dispute, TorrentSpy has blocked access to United States IP addresses, so the above link may not work. Alternate download links are available from TorrentBox.

The Remastering Project

After the release of Volume 13, fyrestorm reorganized the past volumes and updated its contents, replacing lower bitrate mp3's with higher quality versions, updating and cleaning up the album covers, and fixing any mistakes that weren't noticed until after release. The Remastered edition also features remastered album covers for Volumes 1-9. It was officially released on October 29, 2006, celebrating its one year anniversary, in order for new users to download all the released volumes in one torrent, and to satisfy old users with new content. See YTMND Soundtrack Remastered's talk page for more information.

The following table is based on the readme files distributed with the compilation. Most songs have the name of a YTMND site and/or fad that exemplifies use of the song.

Volume 1

01 frontcovervol1.jpg

On October 29, 2005, Volume 1 was released, along with four other volumes. Featured on the cover is Sean Connery.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume One YTMND is many things... (Refresh)
02 Tube & Berger Straight Ahead Conan is... Conan is...AN ALLIGATOR
03 Eric Prydz Call on Me Facial expressions / Call On Me fad Paris Hilton doesn't change facial expressions (original sound)
04 Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It's Hot Drop It Like It's Hot snoop doing it old school, REAL old school
05 Baltimora Tarzan Boy Gay Fuel, Spoiler Gay Fuel Commercial
06 The Simpsons Dr. Zaius Dr. Zaius Dr Zaius Dr Zaius
07 Heather Dale This Endris Night Medieval medieval nigga stole my steed
08 Darius Rucker Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch I love the tender crisp bacon chedder ranch (Original)
09 O-Zone Dragostea din Tei Phonetic interpretations / Dancing English Interpretation of Numa Numa Yay (refresh)
10 World Wrestling Entertainment Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Hassan interruptions / Muhammad Pictures Pee-Wee gets HASSAN'D (refresh)
11 Marko Polo Speedy Speed Boy Butt racing Butt Racing Grand Prix
12 Rx Who's the Nigga? list George Bush SINGS AND CARES about black people!
13 Television Theme Songs The Price is Right Victory Fad You knew they'd get it first....
14 Television Theme Songs The Flintstones Hurricane Wilma Meet Hurricane Wilma
15 Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out It's not a defect, it's a feature! Sony PSP
16 Sharon I'm in the Mood for Dancing HOTTEST. GIRL. EVER. WOW.
17 Television Theme Songs German Super Mario Bros. Phonetic interpretations German Super Mario Brothers Super Show
18 Liam Lynch United States Of Whatever "United States of ..." United States of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
19 MC Hammer U Can't Touch This list HAMMER TIME
20 Immortals Mortal Kombat (Theme I) Darth Vader vs Dave Chappelle... Mortal Kombat !

Volume 2

01 frontcovervol2.jpg

On October 29, 2005, Volume 2 was released, along with four other volumes. Featured on the cover is Milton Waddams.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Two Harry Potter spoiler Potter spoiler bookstore crash
02 El Mudo Macarron Chacarron Ualuealuealeuale Batman: ualuealuealeuale
03 Blümchen Heut ist mein Tag Secret Nazi OMG, Secret Nazi Forest!!
04 The MDP What is Love (Goth Version) What is Love!? What Is Goth?
05 Yu Miyake, Masayuki Tanaka Katamari on the Rocks Katamari Damacy YTMNDamacy!
06 DarkMateria Picard Song Picard Song Picard Song
07 Biz Markie Just A Friend Oh Snap! OH SNAP!
08 Television Theme Songs Finnish Ducktales Phonetic interpretations interpretation - (anti-circumcision propaganda and other lechery)
09 Immortals Mortal Kombat (Theme II) list You're The Mortal Kombat Fighter Now Dog
10 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Sez Sonic Says Sonic Says...
11 Television Theme Songs Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nye Fad / Annoying Bill Nye Loop Bill Nye the Science Guy!
12 Joe Esposito You're the Best Around list R.I.P. Noriyuki Pat Morita
13 Television Theme Songs Yu-gi-oh It's Time to D-D-D-D-D-Duel You heard of Yu-Gi-Oh? *updated image*
14 Linkin Park Crawling Emo Sponge bob is Angst (now Synchronize)
15 Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger _____ works it Ninja works it.
16 Simple Plan Untitled Emo / MySpace Suicide EMO ORANGES
17 Günther & The Sunshine Girls Ding Dong Song (You Touch My Tra-La-La) Tra-La-La Fad You Touch My Tra-la-la
18 Television Theme Songs Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Dinozord Power!
19 Craig Armstrong Escape Chuck Norris fad / Fire Spirit Conan Vs Chuck Norris

Volume 3

01 frontcovervol3.jpg

On October 29, 2005, Volume 3 was released, along with four other volumes. Featured on the cover is the "O Rly" Owl.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Three Pee-Wee gets HASSAN'D
02 A-ha Take on me a-ha What is A-ha?
03 DragonForce Fury of the Storm I love bell peppers I love bell peppers
04 Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl SPOUSAL ABUSE IS BANANAS
05 Boots Randolph Yakety Sax list Gman goes back to Britain!
06 Europe The Final Countdown list eBaum's Final Countdown (v2.0)
07 Raffi Bananaphone Bananaphone PING PONG
08 Edwin van Santen Axel F One weakness Professor X had ONE weakness!
09 Ludacris Move Bitch Move Bitch Move Bitch!
10 Coq Roq Bob Your Head Burger King ad parodies Chicken Fries!!
11 Quad City DJ's Space Jam "Space Jam" with Randy Savage / jam What Is SLAM!?
12 Daft Punk Technologic Technologic Azumanga Technologic
13 Hans Zimmer Roll Tide summon Conan...SUMMONS A FIRE SPIRIT
14 The Clash Rock the Casbah Dew & list Lock the Taskbah! (Fixed!)
15 Three 6 Mafia Ridin' Spinnaz Ridin Spinnaz Ridin Spinnas (NSFW)
16 E.S. Posthumus Pompeii Uber Hax uber new hax

Volume 4

01 frontcovervol4.jpg

On October 29, 2005, Volume 4 was released, along with four other volumes. Featured on the cover is Captain James T. Kirk.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Four Cloudsong Wow is serious business
02 Benny Benassi Satisfaction list Stephen Hawking Tried Overclocking.
03 CheapAlert Nigga Stole My Bike! (Punch-Out Remix) Nigga Stole My Bike! Nigga stole my bike, Punchout remix.
04 Television Theme Songs Captain Planet list Conan is...CAPTAIN PLANET (refresh)
05 Josh Tobin I'm a Gangsta list i'm a gangster, i'm a straight up G
06 Max Coveri Running in the 90's Lol, internet lol internet
07 The Darkness I Believe In A Thing Called Love Stapler Called Love
08 Vengaboys We Like to Party Is Racist, Shoe on Head Yahoo! News is racist
09 Carl Orf O Fortuna 3 SECOND POP TARTS?!?!?!
10 Dead or Alive You Spin Me Right Round You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) You Spin Me Right Round
11 Apollo 440 Stop the Rock Can't stop the rock Indiana Jones Can't Stop the Rock
12 Enya Only Time list elmo is..hanged
13 Geto Boys Still Die motherfuckers DIE MOTHER FUCKERS
14 DJ Assault Ass 'n Titties Ass & titties, ass ass titties titties
15 The B-52's Rock Lobster O rly? O RLY?
16 Geto Boys Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta Gangsta fad damn it feels good to be a gangsta
17 The Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane Hurricane list Zangief vs. Louisiana
18 Nintendo Super Mario World Ending (Fast) Super Mario World ending Google Earth found the funniest place on the world

Volume 5

01 frontcovervol5.jpg

On October 29, 2005, Volume 5 was released, along with four other volumes. Featured on the cover are the Roxbury Guys.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Five I believe you have my stapler I believe you have my stapler?
02 John Williams Duel of the Fates list Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
03 Adam and Andrew The Emo Song list The Emo Song
04 Haddaway What is Love? What is Love!? What is love!?
05 Simone Benyacar, Dan Nielsen, Veigar Mairgersson Requiem for a Tower Summon & various list Peter Griffin Lives!!!!111
06 Dark Heartz Ya Get Skeeted On list
07 Nintendo Kirby's Theme (Super Smash Bros. version) list Kirby Selects a fad V1.5
08 Final Fantasy VII Highwind Takes to the Skies Asiacopter Asiacopter 2
09 Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon & the Guys The Internet Is For Porn list The internet is for porn
10 Van Halen Right Now list Right Now it's YTMND
11 Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. Great Moments in ... History Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
12 Yasunori Mitsuda Bobonga Brian No!, Pervert/Sexual Predator Fad brian peppers sexual predator
13 Dschinghis Khan Moskau Moskau MOSKAU MOSKAU
14 M & H Band Popcorn O RLY? Year of the Owl
15 Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Spanish Flea list No buttsecks on the chair lift pedo!
16 Ayumi Hamasaki Evolution (Time is Pop) Rave / Zidane LASER RAVE
17 Juno Reactor Navras list WoW - Two New Playable Races!

Volume 6

01 frontcovervol6.jpg

Volume 6 was released on November 12, 2005, along with an update to the first five volumes, fixing a few mp3's and updating some songs to fuller versions. Featured on the cover is Darth Vader.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Six I Want To Get Online...I Need A Computer!
02 Danny Elfman Breakfast Machine Blue Ball Machine Blue Ball Machine (Classic GIF Returned)
03 Nightwish Ghost Love Score Epic Maneuver, Tennis Man Epic Geordi Maneuver
04 Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz Get Low Skeet fad list Aww skeet skeet Super Soaker
05 The Black Mages Zeromus list Conan is... Zeromus!
06 Tom Jones What's New, Pussycat? list What's New Pussycat
07 DVDA Everyone Has AIDS Everyone has AIDS EVERYONE HAS AIDS
08 DJ Assault Nipples 'n Clits Ugoff is Hungry list ugoff vs dj assault
09 Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack list You're banned idiot!
10 JS16 Stomp To My Beat list Ace PWNS u at DDR!
11 Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On list Cyber Sex Fun
12 Aphex Twin Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix) list i want your soul
13 Alice DeeJay Better Off Alone Magic Word list AH AH AH. YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD
14 DVDA America, Fuck Yeah YTMND - Fuck Yeah! (Refresh)
15 Clarence Carter Strokin' Strokin Strokin' in the Shower (now with full Strokin' goodness)
16 Queen Bicycle Race Nigga stole Freddie Mercury's bicycle
17 Television Theme Songs Cheers list Cheers to YTMND (refresh) * el update

Volume 7

01 frontcovervol7.jpg

On December 24, 2005, the seventh volume of the soundtrack was released. It came packaged with YTMND-themed desktop wallpaper. Featured on the cover is Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Seven This is
02 DMX X Gon Give It To Ya Fed Ex Ex Gon' Give It To Ya
03 Hard 'n Phirm Pi Pi 3.141592653589793...
04 Akitaka Tohyama, Kenji Ninuma The Moon and the Prince - Old Man Katamari!
05 Ceasers Jerk It Out iPods Conan iPod commercial
06 Rich Mullins Awesome God Jesus LOWEL, JESUS
07 David Hasselhoff Du Dew list DEW!!!!!
08 DVDA Now You're a Man list Take That You BITCH!
09 Nintendo Super Mario World Title Theme - Mario teaches PTKFGS!
10 Lords of Acid Spank My Booty (Reprise) list Pichu Spank
11 Daft Punk Robot Rock list Robot Rock
12 Juno Reactor & Don Davis Mona Lisa Overdrive Moore Samurai Jack hunts Michael Moore
13 Toshiro Masuda Go Go Naruto list George Costanza!
14 Leech Axss Coming@Choo  ?  ?
15 Tomoyasu Hotei Battle Without Honor Or Humanity list Barrel Roll Without Honor or Humanity
16 Darude Sandstorm Rave ZZOMG SEIZURE RAVE LOL!!!11
17 Buckwheat Boys Peanut Butter Jelly Time Peanut Butter Jelly list IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!
18 John Williams Superman Theme WTFOMG Cat/Supercat list The Cat Defeats his Arch Enemy!
19 Dylan Leff Axel F (Saxophone Rendition) - YTMND Soundtrack is Inspiring

Volume 8

01 frontcovervol8.jpg

On January 12, 2006, fyrestorm released Volume 8. It was dubbed the "Wartime Edition", due to the events between YTMND and eBaum's World at the time. The image on the cover is not from a particular YTMND (It's an edited cover of Call of Duty 2).

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Eight The War For YTMND
02 Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Future Conan Conan in the Future
03 Ozma Korobeiniki Tetris list Katrina Tetris: Animated Version
04 Necro Light My Fire list Colin Powell
05 The 45 King The 900 Number (Original Mix) list Shigeru Miyamoto gets down
06 Paul Engemann Scarface (Push It To The Limit) Safety Not Guaranteed Safety Not Guaranteed
07 Tiny Tim Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight G-man Gman's having a wonderful time
08 Pat Benatar Invincible (Theme From The Legend Of Billie Jean) Sailor Moon vs. list Sailor Moon vs. Sakaki
09 Transa Supernova Rave Grievous Rave!
10 Japan Break Industries Japan Break Industries Eurobeat CATCH THAT MAN! CATCH THAT MAN!
11 The Avalanches Frontier Psychiatrist ...Needs Therapy Tom Cruise Needs Therapy
12 Baracuda Ass Up! (IC3M4N Remix Edit) Dew list giraffes in the air!
13 Joel Eriksson Battlefield 1942 Loading Theme wartime YTMNDs YTMND Conference 1945
14 The Band The Weight Crippled Spiderman list Spiderman's a cripple?
15 Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit YTMNLSD Willy Wonka's Acid Trip (YTMNLSD)
16 Lemon Demon Ebaum's World Dot Com Anti-eBaum's World YTMNDs eBaum Stikes Again! This time ABS *update*
17 Joe Harnell The Lonely Man Theme list Things are looking bad for Indiana Jones
18 Kumano Kiyomi Kurukururin list 11 yr. old Japanese Boobies
19 boomaga The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading list The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading

Volume 9

01 frontcovervol9.jpg

On Feburary 2, 2006, Volume 9 was released with a special animation made by YTMND user syncan, featuring a 3D animation of Conan O'Brien, in parody of Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" music video. Conan is also featured on the cover acting like an alligator.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Nine Hungry? Loot a Snickers
02 Soul Asylum Runaway Train list Runaway Train
03 L.A. Style James Brown Is Dead (Original Mix) Kids go Crazy for... Kids Go Crazy For YTMND!
04 Johnny McGovern (The Gay Pimp) Soccer Practice list Hey bro
05 Herbie Hancock Rockit Obi-Wan hates YTMND Rocks It
06 Edd Kalehoff Deja Vu Lounge The Lounge
07 Adagio Sostenuto, Beethoven (composer) Moonlight Sonata ___ Stares into your soul Conan...Stares into your soul
08 Rammstein Feuer Frei Chunk is Indestructible Chunk is Indestructible
09 DZK What's Your Age Again? MySpace Haley deleted by DZK
10 Miracle We Ain't Scared list It's on
11 The Razor Gator Theme list Razor Gator !!! Cleans Disposable Razors!!
12 The New Seekers I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing list YTMND sings in perfect harmony: RE-furbished (V5)
13 Daler Mehndi Tunak Tunak Tun list Lol google.
14 The Brady Bunch It's A Sunshine Day list Sunshine Day
15 The Simpsons The Land of Chocolate Ray Nagin / Chocolate New Orleans list Homer visits New Orleans
16 Tito Puente Mambo Gallego (D-Code Remix) YTMND swim YTMND Swim #1 - How the Lohan debate got started (Refresh)
17 Television Theme Songs Walker, Texas Ranger Chuck Norris Not A Surprising Chuck Norris YTMND
18 Nintendo, Kirby 64 Pop Star list
19 Dire Straits Money For Nothing list I Want YTMND
20 YTMND - YTMND Hotline A Message to Max

Volume 10

On April 10, 2006, Volume 10 was released as a three-disc set. The first two discs featured songs from then-recent fads and older Moderator Favorites, while the third disc was a bonus disc featuring the Dew Army Contest winners. Featured on the covers of the first two disks is Brian Peppers.

Disc 1

01 frontcovervol10.jpg

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Ten (Disc 1) ytmnd pwns jeopardy
02 Tomcraft Overdose (Lady Radio Version) Meth I did meth and all I got was this lousy haircut (educational)
03 Rammstein Du Hast "___ Ends ___" list Picard Ends Batman
04 Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400 Rave Zombie Rave (Updated Audio)
05 Radix Bright Eyes list YTMND: The Children's Books
06 Houston I Like That (feat. Chingy, I-20 and Nate Dogg) list I like that, s'where da money at
07 The Dust Brothers Stealing Fat Hypnotic Hands Hypnotic Hands
08 Falco Rock Me Amadeus list DR. ZAIUS IS A PLAYA
09 Television Theme Songs MacGyver MacGyver MacGyver saves World of Warcraft
10 Max Coveri Golden Age PTKFGS: omg, ... list PTKFGS:omg, internet
11 Aerosmith Janie's Got a Gun Dick Cheney Cheney's got a gun (v3)
12 Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy Bilbo/Butterfinger list Bilbo Wants It
13 Nintendo Megaman 3 Selection Theme list Mega Man Selects a Fad
14 Rocky Horror Picture Show Don't Dream It list Don't Dream It
15 Uematsu Nobuo Advent: One Winged Angel Seizes Control Scientology seizes control
16 Fleetwood Mac Everywhere list Hey!
17 The Chemical Brothers Hey Boy Hey Girl McFly stole... list McFly Stole FutureConan's Butterfinger
18 Rage Against The Machine Killing In The Name Of ¡ Revolución ! ¡ Brian Peppers Revolución !
19 boomaga PTKFGS: The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading - PTKFGS: The Bauman E-mails: A Dramatic Reading
20 Syncan I <3 Michael Wolfson (Also Cocks) (deleted)

Disc 2

02 frontcovervol10.jpg

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Ten (Disc 2) Spanish Inquisition Link's new bike (refresh)
02 DZK Fuck Off Dad (feat. Haley) MySpace Haley Deleted by DZK
03 The Bucketheads The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) list Data Falls
04 Daft Punk Da Funk R U SHUR? (PTKFGS version of O RLY?) list PTKFGS: R U SHUR (complete + faster image)
05 boomaga YTMND Dub (It's a Feeling) - YTMND Dub - It's a Feeling (Radio Edit)
06 Jimmy Soul If You Wanna Be Happy list Censored Porn
07 t.A.T.u All the Things She Said Secret Communist (PTKFGS version of Secret Nazi) list(engl) PTKFGS: OMG! Secret Communist Forest!
08 Tech N9ne I'm a Playa list DR. ZAIUS IS A PLAYA
09 The Poké-Gangsta Pokémon list My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard
10 Electric Six Danger! High Voltage High Voltage Danger! High Voltage (now wav)
11 Stamper 6 in a Row six dirty dicks
12 Matthew Wilder Break My Stride Can't Break My Stride Can't Break My Stride
13 Big Tuck These Niggaz Ain't Real (feat. Trae & Z-Ro) list FAKE NIGGAZ
14 Nintendo, Super Mario Kart Mario Circuit Final Lap Hobo-Cruise list Hobo-Cruise vs Mario & Toad
15 Sacred Spirits Yeha-Noha (Wishes Of Happiness & Prosperity) Dew, Kirk Douglas wants Sundaes list Kirk Douglas Wants Sundaes!
16 EnigmaMonkey Boil 'em list Boil 'em
17 Paul Wall Internet Going Nutz list I got the internet going nuts
18 The Munchkins Follow the Yellow Brick Road / You're Off to See the Wizard Bill Cosby The yellow brick road leads to...
19 R. Kelly I Believe I Can Fly I believe you have my stapler spread my stapler and fly away
20 Queen Flash list YTMND FLASH! (No Refresh!)
21 Strawberry Shortcake Cuppycake Cuppycake CUPPYCAKE GUMDROPS
22 TheEvilTwin lol, Bedtime lol, internet lol, bedtime (shhhhh....)

Disc 3: Dew Army

03 frontcovervol10.jpg

Artist Song Example
01 David Hasselhoff Du DEW!!!!!
02 Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown
03 Gwen Stefani What You Waiting For? ticTac
04 Rammstein Rammstein RAM STEIN!!!!!
05 LL Cool J Control Myself (feat. Jennifer Lopez) My chainsaw
06 Hootie and the Blowfish Let Her Cry letter c
07 Björk Human Behavior CHAIR!!
08 Jane's Addiction Just Because pickles
09 Grateful Dead Touch of Grey I Will Get Five.
10 The Game Buddens Buttons
11 Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You ewe
12 Nirvana Rape Me Rake Me!!
13 Sigur Rós Svefn-g-englar ACHOO!!
14 Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It's Hot Snoooooooooop!
15 Pantera 5 Minutes Alone MY PANTS
16 Korn No Place To Hide No plates too high

Volume 11

01 frontcovervol11.jpg

On June 5, 2006, fyrestorm released Volume 11. Featured on the cover is Takeshi Kaga.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Eleven machrider is r.a.g.e.d
02 Coburn We Interrupt This Program (Jean Claude Ades Remix) NEDM NEDM
03 Heavydance Gimme All Your Lovin' list max on YTMND IRC: gay spam
04 Sir Lemming Tank! (Cosby Bebop Remix) Bill Cosby Cosby Bebop
05 Nintendo Pokémon Battle Theme list Poketrainer Cruise
06 T.I. What You Know list The Girls of YTMND
07 Television Theme Songs Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
08 LazyTown Cooking by the Book Cake Song The Ultimate Suffering
09 Queen Dont Stop Me Now Don't stop ... now list Don't stop the iran women police now
10 Vigilante Answers Mystery Song $20 for mystery song name
11 Yasunori Mitsuda Lavos' Theme holy crap holy crap, a meteor!!!
12 Super Preachers Barracuda - Worf isn't Smart
13 R.E.M. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) Snakes on a Plane REM correctly predicts the end...
14 The Del-Vikings Come Go With Me list YTMND Users are..
15 Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Main Theme Super Smash Bros. Brawl Newcomer list The Completed Lineup for SSBB!
16 Joe Hisaishi River Side No Class Riker has NO CLASS.
17 The Pointer Sisters Pinball Number Count list Upvoter & Inkdrinker: Battle Of Giants
18 Ratatat Seventeen Years list Libya Hates Science
19 Television Theme Songs Unsolved Mysteries list Spoiler Alert
20 Gregorian Ave Satani (The Omen) list Max's INFERNO!
21 YTMND A Message from Max a voicemail from max. (now with 2 messages)

Volume 12

01 frontcovervol12.jpg

On July 31, 2006, fyrestorm released Volume 12. The soundtrack was first previewed via YTMND Radio several days before its impending release. Featured on the cover is Ronald McDonald.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Twelve Number six!
02 Moonsorrow Jumalten Kaupunki/Tuhatvuotinen Perintö list Max Deletes 400,000 Sites and users
03 Studged Dr. Dre feat. Cosby list Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby
04 Yello Oh Yeah Kool-Aid Man I'm the Kool-Aid Man, Bitch!
05 Gene Chandler Duke Of Earl list The Duke of Earl
06 DZK Xenu Fights Back Scientology Xenu Fights Back
07 Gustavo Santaolalla The Wings George Zimmer I Guarantee It!
08 Eban Schletter Party Girl "___ ♥ ___" Skeletor ♥ Space Puppies list
09 Fredrick Schikowski The Brain Indicatif list Max makes the cover of Wired
10 boomaga Zimmer Guaranteed Booty Music George Zimmer Zimmer Gonna SEX YOU UP
11 Sin With Sebastian Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) GAYTMND GAYTMND Logo
12 Nobuo Uematsu Forever Rachel Truth about.../Letter About... list Letter About Brian Peppers
13 Smash Mouth Walkin On The Sun list Walken on the Sun
14 The Gorillionaires Mammarys and Cammarys 5/30/06 - RIP YTMND? RIP 5/30/06 aka Be Cool About Fire Safety
16 Chamillionaire Ridin' Ridin Dirty list Farley's Ridin' Dirty(update
17 Dasyati Overdose (Worst YTMND Remix) list Overdose (Worst YTMND Remix)
18 kingj4life3 The Rise of Satan The Unfunny Truth About... The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology
19 Michael Gum Xenu, Xenu Scientology list Xenu, Xenu
20 Suzanne Vega Tom's Diner (DNA Remix) Front Page Hack, etc list Diner
21 Spongebob Squarepants The Best Day Ever Best Day Ever The Best Day Ever
22 SunnyRay Put Your Shoe On The Head (Boomaga Mix) Put Shoe on Head SunnyRay, Club Diva: Put Your Shoe on the Head
23 Weird Al Yankovic Hardware Store Stan sells everything to Guybrush Stan Sells EVERYTHING to Guybrush

Volume 13

01 frontcovervol13.jpg

Volume 13 was released September 10, 2006 and contained two YTMND-themed desktop wallpapers from user typogra's YTMND T-Shirt submission. Featured on the cover is Ninja.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Thirteen Everything's ungodly! YTMND is Ungodly!
02 manish Series of Tubes (Net Neutrality Dance Mix) Ted Stevens list Tubes Dance
03 Hellion Sounds Battle1 Vin Diesel list Mystic Quest...
04 Xer0 YTMND Orchestra - YTMND Orchestra 1
05 Boom Boxx Balla da Li (feat. Linda O.) OMG, Secret Islamic (YESYES version of OMG, Secret Nazi), list YESYES: OMG, Secret Islamic Night sky!
06 Mariah Carey Fantasy Mariah Carey Dancing in Butter
07 Thomas Newman Any Other Name ...sees so much beauty, list Jack Bauer sees so much Beauty
08 John Williams Theme From Jurassic Park Holy shi* it's a Dinosaur! WTF? (jurassic park)
09 The White Stripes We're Going To Be Friends list
10 LazyTown You're a Pirate You're a Pirate Stephanie uses Lazy Torrents (LazyTown pirate song)
11 Spice Girls Who Do You Think You Are? GAYTMND royalty sites GAYTMND: MichaelWolfson, King of Gay
12 Rex Navarrete Let's Party Like It's 1904 (e:trinity Dumb Hard House Remix) bebubebududeh Homer: bebubebududeh
13 Cascada Miracle Gravity cat Gravity Cat Not Amused v1.0
14 Bodenstandig 2000 Rnay Cursor close eyes, click, open eyes, guess
15 Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley (I've Got A) Golden Ticket I've Got A Golden Ticket I've Got the Golden Ticket
16 Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me ______ is watching Harrison Ford is Watching You!
17 Tenacious D Lee Lee Kaplan list Lee Kaplan is a douchebag
18 Pearl Jam Alive Old People
19 Annie Chewing Gum YTMND needs Money (new site design revealed) - up to page 9
20 Blackalicious Deception money has no artistic value
21 Cobra Starship Snakes On A Plane (Bring It) Snakes on a Plane Official Snakes on a Plane YTMND
22 YMNDT A Message from Cyberman Cyberman Cyberman: Declaration of War


01 frontcoverpromos.jpg

A bonus disc featuring the audio from the promotions was included with the release of the YTMND Soundtrack Remastered. They are all credited to Dasyati. Not included is an outtake of the Volume 8 promotion and an alternate version of the Volumes 1-5 promotion. With the releases of the future volumes came the promotions for those volumes, with numbering in the titles that indicate that those tracks are meant to be additions to the Promotions disc.

01 Volumes 1-5 Promotion
02 Volume 6 Promotion
03 Volume 7 Promotion
04 Volume 8 Promotion
05 Volume 9 Promotion
06 Volume 10 Promotion
07 Volume 11 Promotion
08 Volume 12 Promotion
09 Volume 13 Promotion
10 Remastered Edition Promotion
11 Volume 14 Promotion
12 Volume 15 Promotion
13 Volume 16 Promotion
14 Volume 17 Promotion

Volume 14

01 frontcovervol14.jpg

Volume 14 was released December 2, 2006 and contained a YTMND-themed desktop wallpaper from user nutnics's Color Me YTMND. Featured on the cover is Domo-Kun.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro To Volume Fourteen Poland Well, actually, he forgot Poland!
02 Giorgio Moroder Chase *~A Tiny Glimpse~*
03 Boards of Canada Nova Scotia Robots veeery sleeepy
04 The O'Jays Love Train George Zimmer YTMND clothing line!
05 CB4 I'm Black Y'all "I'm Black"/Wigger trashing Super Street Fighter 2 - Black Panther
06 Capcom Megaman 3 - Dr. Wily Stage 2 Solar Yak SOLAR YAK
07 Bobby Darin Splish Splash FONZIE SEES HIS FUTURE
08 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 3 - Grass Land World Map 1 The Piranha Plants take over!
09 Neil Sedaka Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Downtime Music Comma Comma Down Doobie Dew Down Down
10 Herb Alpert Rise Hot Tomahawk Missile Sex
11 Lil Wyte Bald Head Hoes (feat. DJ Paul & Juicy J) Loving it Bald!
12 Overseer Horndog DR-L337 I MAY HAVE BEEN OWNED
13 GuCCi Popcorn Remix! O RLY Owl rave, O RLY?
14 Gary Jules Mad World tie
15 John Williams Victory Celebration Steve Irwin His spirit lives on . . .
16 Khuskan Super Mario Land Mega Mix In ur stuff Cats in ur stuff doing things
17 The Razor Gator Anthem 2 Razor Gator NEW!! Razor Gator Anthem
18 Cool Ball Re:Re:Remix AskAak Color Me YTMND
19 James Horner A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics
20 Lost Horizon Highlander (The One) Face Melter Kramer Belts Out a Face Melter!

Volume 15

On March 12, 2007, Volume 15 was released as a two-disc set. Featured on the cover are Thwomp and Muhammad Hassan.

Disc 1

01 frontcovervol15.jpg

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Fifteen (Disc 1) Waffles
02 DZK YTMND vs. Sega Sega YTMND vs. Sega
03 Kassius Poland Tool Kit Poland Tool Kit
04 Mason Exceeder *FAV!*
05 xoc KKKramer Michael Richards kkkramer
06 Underworld Mmm Skyscraper I Love You Elvis I see Elvis
07 Röyksopp Remind Me YTMND, So Easy A Caveman Can Do it
08 The Twilight Singers Bonnie Brae The death of Garfield?
09 Michael Jackson Thriller Jon Arbuckle does Thriller
10 Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me) Don't you forget about me
11 Disco Dan Mega Man 3 - BlueLightning (OC Remix) Journey to the Center of YTMND
12 R. Kelly Ignition (Remix) Chaplin Bounces
13 Robyn Miller Un-Finale Abandoned Abandoned Amusement Park
14 Akira Yamaoka The Darkness That Lurks in Our Mind For the last time Here
15 The Kids Of Widney High New Car jezzball jamz (use firefox)
16 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Set Phasers to ROCK!

Disc 2

02 frontcovervol15.jpg

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro to Volume Fifteen (Disc 2) Soylent Green Soylent Green
02 Rayza Shinobi 3 - Whirlwind (GaleForceMix - OC Remix) Caricature YTMND (halfway! edition)
03 Jean Jacques Perrey Brazilian Flower Catonakeyboardinspace catonakeyboardinspace
04 Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle Fly like a negro
05 Wagon Christ Musipal world: ending. ytmnd: misspelled.
06 Will Smith The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Bel-Air'd Oh ! Sexy Girlfriend! Banzai !
07 The Commodores Brick House ROFLBROTHEL..... LOL!
08 Joseph LoDuca Building The Deathcoaster Greek MythologYTMND
09 Michael Jackson Billie Jean Not The Father Rosie O'Donnell Moonwalker
10 Out Of Bounds The Little Mermaid ARIEL !!! STAY AWAY from YTMND!!!!
11 Ray Parker Jr. Theme From Ghostbusters Jesus noooooo!
12 Television Theme Songs Law and Order Bill Stickers bill stickers
13 Nine Inch Nails Just Like You Imagined 300 300TMND: THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!
14 Aphex Twin Stone In Focus Lazytown ¹~(^_^)> stephanie 404
15 Jim Cummings In The Dark Of The Night Come my minions!
16 Nightwish Wishmaster Hard Safety
17 Louis Jordan Beans And Cornbread Beans and Cornbread Beans & Cornbread
18 Koji Kondo Ballad of the Wind Fish (The Legend of Zelda - Orchestrated) Kirby sees kirbyseesdeath (More source info in description)
19 Feedrosie We Didn't Start This Website We Didn't Start This Website! We Didn't Start This Website! (glitches in IE)

Volume 16

01 frontcovervol16.jpg

On June 8, 2007, Volume 16 was released. Featured on the cover is Batman.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro To Volume Sixteen YTMND means Citizenship (reload)
02 Freezepop Jem Outrageous Arnold is Outrageous!
03 Tempest Acidjazzed Evening Stephanie Apple Jazzed Evening
04 Muse Map of the Problematique Final Staring Contest (For The Fate Of The Internets!)
05 Paul Johnson Get Get Down (Original Extended Mix) down_alt.swf
06 Apoptygma Berzerk Kathy's Song (Ferry Corsten Remix Edit) The Vote Spread Equalizer
07 Shiki Air The Ultimate Race for Top Place
08 detalub0 B.Y.O.N.E.S. (NES Of A Down Extended Mix) NES of a Down
09 Avril Lavigne Girlfriend Night of the Unicorns Avril Loop for max (love the ads btw)
10 Edvard Grieg Morning Mood The Belairian Hummingbird
11 Hans Zimmer The Kraken HISTORYTMND HISTORYTMND: Garden of Eden Chat
12 David Wise Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Lockjaw's Saga Davy Jones wants the coin
13 Gustav Holst Mars, The Bringer of War SHOCKING CATS
14 Bomani "D'mite" Armah Read A Book READ A BOOK NIGGA
15 Bee Gees Stayin' Alive Peter is a ladies man
16 Huey Lewis And The News The Power Of Love That's the Power of Doc
17 Trey Parker I'm So Ronery Fatty Feels Left Out
18 The B-52's The Love Shack Bang Bang On The Door Baby! Bang Bang On The Door Baby!
19 Sonic Mayhem Quad Machine Quake II

Volume 17

00 - frontcovervol17.jpg

On April 22, 2008, Volume 17 was released. Featured on the cover is Emo oranges. The promo, having been postponed and rewritten twice over the course of the previous 8 months, took the form of a rant in the style of Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's Zero Punctuation video game reviews.

This marked the first time Dasyati produced both the GIF and the audio for the promo site. Two tracks, "Party Like A Rockstar" by Shop Boyz and "The City Sleeps" by MC 900 Ft. Jesus, were added at the last minute and are not listed in the promo GIF. Dasyati had remarked in the GIF on the exclusion of the first track.

Artist Song Fad Example
01 YTMND Intro To Volume Seventeen 80% of ytmnd users
02 keatonkeaton999 You Just Fell For The Trap! April Fools Day 2007 april1.swf
03 La Caution Thé à la Menthe The Elaine Dance, from Seinfeld
04 The Cynic Project Grid (Trance Mix) x_x
05 Salt 'N' Pepa Push It Hermione and Conan get freaky
06 Shop Boyz Party Like A Rockstar Party Like A... (syncs in firefox)
07 Van Halen Eruption Van Halen beats Hitler with the power of ROCK
08 Air Alpha Beta Gaga Night of the Unicorns gaga.swf
09 Stardust Music Sounds Better With You (Radio Edit) PrintScrn
10 Yasunori Mitsuda Chrono Trigger - Main Theme Oven of power The most powerful oven ever.
11 Nicholas Hooper Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - Professor Umbridge Deathly Hallows Spoilers POTTER SPOILER ON NOTICE
12 Jesper Kyd Hitman: Blood Money - Ave Maria Destroys Everything In Its Path Killing Me Softly
13 Pantera Floods Tragedy at... Tragedy On Scene
14 Guitar How So Bright Of Universe The next great thing in impaled food products.
15 Chris Clark Bricks Pluto: First Blood
16 MC 900 Ft. Jesus The City Sleeps
17 Radiohead Climbing Up The Walls Success Story Scientology Success Story (original)
18 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers The Waiting The Enterprise has one bathroom
19 Gene Wilder Pure Imagination Dave C*ckrum Dave C*ckrum
20 Beyoncé Irreplaceable
22 Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up as if you don't know Emma Watson Boobage
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