Ted Stevens

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Ted Stevens
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Original YTMND:
Senator Ted Stevens knows all!
by lo-fi
July 2, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

Ted Stevens (November 18, 1923 – August 9, 2010) was a United States Republican senator from Alaska whose angry rant on net neutrality has received a certain level of infamy online due to his obvious ignorance on the issues behind the net neutrality debate and the way the Internet works in general. A transcript and audio recording of this rant can be found on this Public Knowledge blog entry.

Several YTMNDs were made from this recording, most of them mocking Senator Stevens' comparison of the Internet to "a series of tubes" and his claim that his staff sent him "an Internet", as well as his insistence that the internet wasn't "a big truck". Others made fun of his stuttering speech patterns, such as this one.

Most variations of the fad involve remixing his quotes to other remix. One such remix by manish called Series of Tubes dance remix became popular and was included on Volume 13 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

The card game "The Spoils" has a card in it known as A Series Of Tubes. In the art is also a sign indicating "no big trucks" and "no dumping."

As of August 2010, the Ted Stevens/"series of tubes" fad is experiencing a minor resurgence following news of Stevens' death in a plane crash.

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