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There are many features that end up forgotten in YTMND... this is where they can be added. These "easter eggs" are frequently found in Max Goldberg's news bulletins.

TO DO List

This page has ideas, completed changes, and suggestions for improvements to YTMND. It is not editable by non-administration. The place to suggest your ideas is the YTMND WIKI.


The YTMND Spy, via news post on August 1, 2006, is also discussed in the YTMND WIKI article YTMND Spy. It displays a live view of users' comments, votes, and registers, with an option to view the activity for only the viewer's sites.

YTMND Statistics

This "nifty feature" was brought to our attention in an April 15, 2007 news post. It uses flash to display running statistics for user vote spread, user moderation vote spread, and comment data over the past 24 hours.

Unfortunately, as of November 10, 2007, this page gives a 404 error.

Special YTMNDs

Random YTMND

This link will generate a random YTMND. used to generate a random YTMNSFW, but redirects to since YTMNSFW was destroyed.

The Truly Random YTMND Creator (almost assuredly NSFW)

This link, given to us on April 5, 2007 by max in a news post, takes random text, a random image (be it animated or not), random placement of the two, and a random sound from four random sites in the YTMND database and combines them to create an original, "truly random" YTMND that, to quote max, is often "better than most users' "serious attempts" at making a YTMND."

Row Your Boat

In max's YTMND rowrowrowyourboat, he proposed that users create their own YTMND's with audio of the song 'Row, row, row your boat' and post the addresses in the comments of that site. Users responded, and soon this link was created: it gives a steady stream of 'popups' of the users' websites, creating a cyber-canon of the song.

Popups Please

During the madness of the The Night of the Unicorns, max made the profile page for shadydragon's site produce pop-ups for anyone who clicks it! This continues on today, making it the only ytmnd that produces pop-up ads.

Unviewable YTMNDs

This WIKI page presents us with a list of sites that can't be viewed for various reasons.

Special Assets

The "lol" Collection

A curious collection of random images (11 in all) buried deep within YTMND's asset management system.It is likely that these images were placed there by max as a test of the asset system or image uploading. Here is the full set of them:


Unfortunately, the links no longer work.


It shows a 403 error.


From time to time, when is down for a bit of maintenance, an error page will appear (the "Current reason the site is down" changes with each occurrence) explaining the incident with one of these two songs playing in the background. Other times, we just end up with another Night of the Unicorns...

YTMND Shirts

A couple of pictures showing possible YTMND T-shirt designs. Also, the old shirt order page can be found here

YTMND Ringtones

YTMND April Fools jokes

Since Max Goldberg purchased on April 1, 2004, it has become something of a tradition for him to play jokes on April Fool's Day. Each prank has spawned off a number of YTMNDs...



A year after its creation, on Apil 1, 2005, max turned into a !!CAUTION: NOT WORK SAFE!! disturbing flash.



On April 1, 2006, as an allusion to (parody of?) YTMND's conflicts with, max set up YTMNDworld and freaked out a large number of people.



YTMND users were suprised on April 1, 2007 to discover that when trying to access, they were shown a page describing "YSPACE". When a link was clicked on that page, users were then shown a flash of the current president of the United States then, George W. Bush, with keatonkeaton999's song "You just fell for the trap" playing in the background. Afterwards, max mentioned it in a news post.



Max decided to "shut down" YTMND, with the page looking like this. It was also playing this. Clicking on the YTMNDEAD grave will take you to the regular YTMND. Max had a news post mentioning "we've only just begun". The day after April Fools day, the YTMNDEAD page was taken down, though the news post wasn't updated until the following day, when Max finally made a new news post called "rocky raccoon" where he admits the joke.

Content from the page:



YTMND's frontpage was changed to imitate 4chan. User KeatonKeaton999 was again asked to create a song for the occasion, and the subsequent background sound of the day was HeHe Mix.

Peeing Horse Frontpage

From time to time max changes the front page to be filled with animated images, random background music, etc. The above link displays the image of a horse peeing a rainbow on the YTMND front page. Occasionally, this link doesn't show the horse in front of Up & Coming, but instead distorts the front page a bit. This link is useful for browsing the front page on the rare occasions when the front page itself is down (but not when the entire site is down).

Unfortunately, as of November 10, 2007, this page no longer exists.

The YTMND Mosaic

This site is a simple flash device featuring a picture of Sean Connery from the original YTMND, yourethemannowdog, that the user can manipulate. Don't forget to zoom in, though, as it says in the January 23, 2006 news post. The image is really a mosaic of the first 100,000 YTMNDs!


This page shows how YTMND is doing financially, from sponsors. It shows the total money raised and needed through sponsors for past and current goals. Unfortunately this page now just links you to a error page.

Legal Issues

ebaumsworld, scientology, Sonic (PDF), Tom Mabe, Scholastic, and The Farside Gallery

You can learn all about YTMND's legal history with, the Church of Scientology, Sega, Tom Mabe (from howtoprankatelemarketer), Scholastic's issue towards Harry Potter book 7 , and the Farside Gallery at these links, respectively. BONUS: You can find the case files for the Dustin Diamond controversy HERE (PDF).

YTMND User Demographics Survey

Users of YTMND can take a survey here about their media intake, demographics, income, etc.

Unfortunately, as of November 10, 2007, this page no longer exists.


Once a user has finished the above survey, they are rewarded with a picture of their username in the style of the YTMND logo. If one ever wishes to see the image again, they need only go to the address mentioned above.

Redirect Pages

Max has set up several websites to help misguided users. If is typed incorrectly, the following sites will redirect:

Two different sites may appear from these links, determined from a contest. The two winners were nutnics and typogra.

These two sites are also discussed in the YTMND WIKI article This is not Y T M N D.

Recent Searches

This page lets the user see 18 of the most recent searches in, just like users used to see in the old layout's front page.

YTMND Clipboard

The YTMND Clipboard, it is said, was created on a whim by max many moons ago. Users would get the option of accessing their computer's clipboard when viewing a YTMND. If they consented, the contents, if in a text format, would be added to the YTMND clipboard. Alas, the feature was disabled some time later.

Unfortunately, as of November 10, 2007, this page no longer exists.

Argon Lasers

If you happen to go here wandering around, you get a message of no color with nothing but a simple message. Previously this was a way to link a vote to any user, but it was replaced with the message.

Add to Favorites

This link will add the original YTMND, yourethemannowdog, to your favorites.

Old YTMND Layout

An old layout for YTMND in its alpha/beta stages. (2000-2004)

Old YTMND theme


Someone remade the the front page to look like it's alpha stage (2004) Also it's says it will be fully functional like ytmnd in a few months

Unofficial Easter Eggs

These easter eggs are in no way affiliated with, but are still useful in conjunction with the site.


Gabbly Chat is a tool that turns any website into a chatroom without software installation or even registering. It is also discussed in the YTMND WIKI article Gabbly Chat.

Wayback Machine*sa_/

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine saves webpages so they can be viewed in the future even if they have been changed. Since is changing constantly, this is a useful tool to see some history.

Archive Of YTMND Contributions

Again from the Wayback Machine, these were ytmnd-like sites (contributory to that were around before existed. They were subsumed into ytmnd culture.

Alexa Website Information

At this website one can view detailed information about and traffic data for

Max's Secret Webpage

A simple webpage saying only "hello". In the past, It looked more like this. Max's secret MP3 directory can be found here.

paul is the walrus (must be copied and pasted into browser)