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Original YTMND:
by inkdrinker
July 8, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
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The Asiacopter fad is unique as it was forced by the ytmnd forums. The original site was made on July 8, 2005 by the notorious mod inkdrinker. The picture, taken from North Carolina State University's "WolfWeb" message board, featured an Asian student spinning in the air in his room like he was a helicopter, using a process called stop motion animation. The song that accompanied it was "Crack Hitler" by Faith No More.

Despite the fad's popularity, the site received a low-rating, probably due to the amount of users who resent inkdrinker for his downvoting.

After the original, users from the ytmnd forum forced the fad and more Asiacopter sites spawned, but instead of "Crack Hitler", they used the song "Highwind Takes to the Skies" from Final Fantasy VII. The fad was made popular by the user DrWorm1125. Asiacopter sites either involve the boy flying around various places or alterations to the Asiacopter image.

In the early days, users began a push to force Asiacopter sites to dominate the top 15 to counter the brand-new "One Weakness" fad. At one point, the top 15 was dominated by Weakness and Asiacopter sites.

Inkdrinker has commented before that Asiacopter's success was totally unintentional and that he believed the difficulty of editing an animated picture frame by frame would make Asiacopter impossible to popularize. As a result, it is a very difficult fad to work with and fad sites will rarely spawn.

The song "Highwind Takes to the Skies" was included on Volume 5 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

Precursor to Butt racing

While the original Asiacopter site's stop-motion picture was not made by inkdrinker, the site gave birth to the Butt racing fad, which involed users making their own stop-motion content.

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