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The Rickroll fad involves posting sites that claim to contain things such as porn for example, but when the site is actually opened - it instead plays Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up" and sometimes shows pictures of Rick Astley. Hence the name "Rickroll".

Due to their nature, Rickroll sites are hard to find without using the Advanced Search YTMNDs function on YTMND.


Rickrolling was originally spawned as a spin off of a practice from 4chan known as "duckrolling", in which people linked to a post of a duck on wheels in different threads. When people were redirected to the Duckroll thread they were supposed to post a link to it themselves in another thread.

During a thread about Grand Theft Auto IV on 4chan's Video Gaming board, someone posted a link to a YouTube video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up", claiming it was the trailer for GTA IV. People got tricked and disgusted by the irrelevance of the video, and then people started using the term "rickroll" to describe this practice. The fad began to spread first to other 4chan boards, then to the rest of the internet and YTMND.

Types of Rickroll Sites

Most Rickroll sites can be classified into 2 categories, trick type sites claim to contain something different (like porn for example), but then when loaded, play the "Never Gonna Give You Up" song and sometimes contain pictures of Rick Astley himself, these sites are usually low-rated due to their lower quality. These sites maintain the integrity of the original idea of Rickroll: tricking people into viewing it by claiming it's something else. This type of Rickroll site would classify as an interruption fad.

The second type mainly involves photoshops, remixes, or other sites involving the Rickroll music, or Rick Astley himself, or mixing it with other fads, such as Rubb Roll'd, which mixes parts of the infamous Bubb Rubb "WOO WOOO" sound clip into an instrumental portion of the song (the site in turn, was an edit of a looping image from Rick Robo'd, a site mixing music from Chrono Trigger into the song and video), and rick ashley roll. Due to the popularity of the Rubb Roll'd site, sites in its format had been making resurgences since June 2007.

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