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by diabloloco 
April 7, 2005  
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Moskau is a 1979 song by the German disco group Dschinghis Khan. It has since gained popularity on many parts of the internet, including YTMND.

The Song

"Moskau" (the German word for Moscow) was a single off the group's 1979 self-titled debut album. It was released in Australia in 1980 to correspond with the Moscow Olympics and became a #1 hit for six weeks. More recently, it was played at the opening of the 2009 Eurovision contest, which was held in Moscow.

Despite what some might think, due to its title and the group's dress and style of dancing, "Moskau" isn't Russian, but German.

The Fad

Although two other sites featuring the song, Moskau by Dschingis KHAN by foujax and Moscow by Edgar-Mullins, were released in 2004, the most popular, and the version considered to have started the fad, was the 2005 site Moskau Moskau by user diabloloco. This site had an animated gif of the German disco group Dschinghis Khan dancing during a television appearance, an excerpt from the song, and text that read "LONG LIVE DSCHINGHIS KHAN."

Sites often depict various people dancing in a similar fashion to the dancers in the video, specifically the middle dancer.

Moskau was included on Volume 5 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

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