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Original YTMND:
Cyberman: Declaration of War  
by fyrestorm 
September 1, 2006  
Worthy spinoffs:

Cyberman (also known as Cyberman2 on Youtube) is famous on YTMND for a video saying he wants to take down 4chan, Gaia Online and "YMNDT" (as he called YTMND in the video) since their users were insulting him in his chat room. He warned users, "Your homes are about to be raided by the cops" and to "Say hello to your cellmate Bubba".

This video naturally resulted in a wave of Cyberman YTMNDs mocking him, his weight, his stuttering, and the large WinAVI text-watermark in front of his face. A small group of YMNDT YTMNDs was also inspired by his error.

Cyberman later backtracked from his speech. As shown in TommyDreamer's cyberman declares ytmnd exempt!, he added on his Stickam profile,

Listen, this is to the YTMND folks (And I HOPE I got your Website's name right this time; sorry for the mixup. Forgive me, I apologize.). Let me make one thnig perfectly clear: When I mentioned you guys & y'all's Website, I only meant & was only addressing the troublemakers/lamers. For those of you who're not causing any trouble for me or anybody ELSE on here, I'd like to let you know that y'all're EXEMPT from what I said, okay?

and he later said in a video, "My so-called 'declaration of war', um, is pretty much over with."

Since then, the slow trickle of Cyberman sites continues. Some, like alphasuede's Cyberman rocks a Face Melter: a Christian Metal Fantasy, use recent videos from Cyberman's incredible Youtube video blog.

See also

  • ZJMedia, which sells the WinAVI Video Capture software used by Cyberman
  • Wanted: Mirror of original video, as it was taken down. Important history for future lulz.