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Original YTMND:
Its Jesus, LOL!  
by A-Z2 
October 10, 2005  
Worthy spinoffs:
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The Jesus fad started out as an internet meme. There have been pictures showing Jesus communicating with others in the form of comic bubbles. This images included Jesus knocking on a door, Jesus playing ice hockey, and even an image with Admiral Ackbar. However, Jesus never really emerged as a fad until the user A-Z2 created a Jesus Lol site showing an altered scene from an unspecified movie. Due to a glitch with ytmnd, on some days, most of his sites would break the top 15. After his Jesus site broke the top 15 one final time, the fad began. In many sites, Jesus winks; this is common when Jesus is included in conglomerates. It started off slowly, but quickly built it's way into a full-blown fad with different variations:

  • Modified religious art (often from illustrated Bibles), with word balloons and funny dialogue added (e.g. ITS JESUS LOL, Hey, Jesus...). This is the most common variation.
  • Raptor Jesus, similar to the above except replacing Jesus with Raptor Jesus (e.g. raptor jesus, Raptor Jesus loves the little children). Sometimes with these sites, the Jurassic Park main theme will be used.
  • "Jesus Saves," a common Christian expression, alluding to Jesus preventing a goal in sports or finding a savepoint in a video game (e.g. Jesus Saves!), Jesus Saves...Frequently)
  • A take on the MacGyver fad, with Jesus taking the role of MacGyver. (e.g. Wedding Feast is Saved by Jesus, The 5000 are Saved By Jesus)
  • Jesus LOL RPG, parodies of Final Fantasy featuring Jesus as the main character, often accompanied by the battle theme from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Mash-up with the Secret Nazi fad, where Jesus and Hitler compete in a videogame, first showing a swastika somewhere, but Jesus remakes it to a cross, Hitler starts flashing, and Jesus wins the game. It started with a YTMND called "OMG, Secret Nazi Tetris!!".

Most sites use Rich Mullin's 1980's hymnal "Awesome God". This song was track number six on Volume 7 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

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