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A small screen capture of the Neil Bauman response

eBaum's World is an entertainment website featuring stolen videos, flash games, animations, and still images, from other websites. The site is co-managed by Eric Bauman and his father, Neil Bauman.

Content Theft Controversy

eBaum's World is a source of controversy in the YTMND community. In January 2006, a submission posted to eBaum's World displayed the GIF animation from the YTMND site "Lindsay Lohan Doesn't Change Facial Expressions". The image was watermarked with the eBaum's World logo, implying ownership over the image. No credit was given to YTMND as the image's origin. In a January 8, 2006 YTMND news post, max linked ebaumsworld to ebaumsworldsucks.com and "ebaumers" to a wikipedia article on homosexuals.


Since the YTMND was already a well-established fad, several devotees of the YTMND network, including Something Awful, LUELinks, Newgrounds, and 4chan, initiated flame- and troll-raids against the eBaum's World Forums.[1] The forum was overwhelmed by allegations of intellectual property theft, copyright infringement, and general discontent towards users of the eBaum's World Forums. In order to enlist more participants in the anti-eBaum campaign, several negative YTMNDs appeared criticizing the incident. Even better, many users began initiating DDoS attacks against eBaum's World content servers.

Neil Bauman's Response

On January 10, 2006, Max Goldberg posted a cease-and-desist notice received from Neil Bauman, the co-owner of eBaum's World. [2] The content of the letter has been put into several satirical YTMNDs due to the slightly manic content of the "cease and desist" order (and the fact there was nothing mentioned about what to cease and desist). Goldberg and Bauman came to a compromise over content use: Goldberg pledged to remove all negative YTMNDs related to eBaum's World, as long as eBaum's World removed the image from the domain.

Continuing Tensions

Even with Goldberg and Bauman's apparently amicable resolution of the dispute, users of the two communities still do not interact well. Hostilities between the two communities occasionally comes to a head, but it quickly dies down. For the remainder of their existance, the two communities will most likely cease to co-exist peacefully.

eBaum Forum Raids

Many of YTMND's users have raided eBaum's forums, causing them at one time to stop all new incoming registration to the forum. Since then, eBaum's has re-opened registration to the public. There have been no major reports of any eBaum users trying to raid YTMND.

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