Everything's ungodly!

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Everything's ungodly!
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Original YTMND:
Trading Spouses: Level-headed Christian
by Typhonsentra
May 3, 2005

Marguerite Perrin's rant on Trading Spouses, concerning the un-Christian practices of the D'Amico Flisher family, the presence of Jeanne D'Amico Flisher in her home, and what Marguerite believed Jeanne had planned to spend the $50,000 reward on.

Marguerite's rant has been featured as the opening to Vol. 13 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

The Rant

Marguerite Perrin marched about her home, complaining about the Atheist practices she had been exposed to while away and what she feared her family had been exposed to at home. She claimed herself to be a "God Warrior" during her rant, and made numerous references to astrology, tarot cards, psychics, gargoyles, dubbing them ungodly and ultimately, "dark-sided."

Perrin promptly tore the letter up, which allocated the $50,000 to the Perrin family, and threw the torn remains from her front doorstep, saying, "This is tainted. I don't want it. Whatever it is, it's tainted. Whatever it is, you've given me; I give it up to God, I'm a God warrior!"

Jeanne allocated the Perrin's money as follows: $5000 to pay for Ashley's (the eldest daughter) dance certification; $10,000 to help Ashley and Abigail (Ashley's daughter) move to their own home; $15,000 for Barry (Marguerite's husband) to spend on the family; $20,000 to pay for Marguerite's gastric bypass surgery.

In conclusion, Marguerite suddenly decided to accept the money.

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