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"Dr-L337" is a YTMND character known for having a very high opinion of himself. His sites usually show alleged photos of himself surrounded by girls, getting or about to "get laid". His sites frequently contain a computerized voice that enunciates "Doctor Leet", mixed in with the sound file. In November 2006 it was revealed that Dr-L337 was not in fact a real person, but an alter ego of a number of well-known YTMND contributors.

Dr-L337's sites often spawn a number of controversial comments, instant downvoting and high sponsorships. Dr-L337 often provokes the community's interest by sponsoring "his" sites (this is actually a number of YTMND users donating money for the account to do this).

Specific pranks

On the night of October 9th 2006, every site on the front page (with the exception of "What Is The Matrix") was changed to a picture of Dr-L337. The sites were soon reverted to their original state.


Following the hacking of several YTMNDs to include Dr-L337's image, some speculated that "Dr-L337" was in fact:

  • The alter-ego of a famed YTMND user
  • The account of a moderator
  • A shared moderator account
  • Simply a large shared account used to make pranks


On November 13, 2006 the main core of Dr-L337 revealed itself, as well as lower level contributors/those who helped with the sites, and those who donated. It used to be viewed at thereveal.ytmnd.com, but was since replaced by an NEDM site. However, the Dr-L337 character will continue to make sites, according to its contributors. The original reveal site can been seen here: Unlock the Code

It is still unclear who the man pictured in the YTMNDs actually is.

Recurring themes

  • Many of Dr-L337's sites use the song "Horndog" by the group "Overseer".
  • On each site, Dr-L337 will cite the sound as a random band (eg. Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, etc.) and the image as a random image.
  • Dr-L337's YTMNDs usually contain variations of the picture featured in this entry, sometimes crudely Photoshopping his face into various classic YTMNDs or other files.
  • In numerous sites, Dr-L337 makes reference to an evil twin named "Elshteveo" A birth certificate recently surfaced indicating Dr-L337 does indeed have a twin brother, though his level of evil has yet to be determined.
  • Dr-L337 also makes frequent references to two gentlemen named Mr. Ross and Tony:
    • Mr. Ross is represented by a picture of a black man with a moustache, and is often the butt of racist jokes made by Dr-L337.
    • Tony is allegedly Dr-L337's Asian friend.


On January 7, 2007, max locked the Dr-L337 account as punishment to its original creator, dantheman, since he and User:Jewson phished and deleted all of fourest's YTMNDs.

However, on March 20, 2007, Dr-L337 created a new site, with his apparently now unlocked Dr-L337 account. This may have been in response to the large number of sponsorships recently given to one of Dr-L337's sites, one created nearly a year ago. The account was locked again later. Evidence indicates that none of the original Dr-L337 contributors were in control of the account. The sites and comments made were off-character at times and signified something was different.

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