Best Day Ever

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Best Day Ever
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Original YTMND:
The Best Day Ever
by MasterSitsu
March 22,2006
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Best Day Ever is a fad where people get tortured or killed to the song "The Best Day Ever" from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Although the original was created in late March of 2006, the fad did not catch on until early June.

The original, created on March 22nd, 2006, had an image from the controversial film The Passion of the Christ.


The Best Day Ever fad is deemed as very controvesial and not well-loved. The majoirty of the sites have involved "gory" deaths, and require very little editing. The fad is generally known as a dead fad. Even so, the song itself may be used for various other sites depicting happiness

Examples: HALO 3 ENDING leaked ([1]) Spongebob's Best Day Ever ([2])

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