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Original YTMND:
Batman: bebubebududeh
by nobuyuki
October 17, 2005
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The bebubebududeh fad originated from the "Ualuealuealeuale" fad sometime in 2005, but it was never popularized as a fad until March of 2006, when the site "Homer: bebubebududeh" was created. While the original YTMND featured Batman dancing along with a clip from (the e:trinity Dumb Hard House remix of) Rex Navarrete's comedy routine, "Party Like It's 1904," the Homer site showed Homer Simpson dancing in one place with the same clip. The voice in that song was similar to that of Homer, making the site very popular.

Incidentally the artist who created that remix is a YTMND user, who was quite shocked and amused that his tune was being used as a YTMND song.

Though only 1 full page of sites show up, the song has been used in over 100 sites[1]. The song was included in Volume 13 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

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