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Dr. Katz is on his Angry Chair, created 01/31/06 11:02:51 PM PST
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of 01/18/07
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a member of HMI

Claim to Fame

First user to post actual Snakes on a Plane film footage featuring Samuel L. Jacksons' signature phrase "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane" complete with large crowd response chiming in. Did so on his own camera. See here. Coerced a LiveJasmin performer not only to put a shoe on her head, but to get a pen and paper, write it down, show it to the camera, and proceed to take her top off for ytmnd. Can be seen here.

Programs Used for Creation

  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0/6.5

Primary music editing source and video effects if needed.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2

Image, frame, and layer editing done here

  • Adobe ImageReady CS

More image editing done here, and final .gif is compiled here

  • VirtualDubMod 1.5.4

For ripping frames from DVD .vob files

  • Gimp

Additional .gif compiler if ImageReady is having memory problems

  • dbPowerAmp

Converter utility to convert .wav's to mp3's and vise versa.

  • CamStasia Studio

To capture streaming desktop audio and video feeds to a .avi for .gif or music use.

DarkTree On:

  • Alt's

Maybe in the beginning I considered an alt to help my ratings but never actually delved into it. Way too much work. Why would I have an alt account... it's hard enough coming up with enough fresh content for ONE user let alone two. I also figure instead of creating an alter-ego, I will put both my edgy and not-so-edgy content all in one profile. I feel that way I don't appear as a one trick pony. Also lazy.

  • Fads

Fads are a joy. While many of my sites contain artsy/non-fad content, I do very much enjoy the well done fad's and fad modifications, even forced fads; see Dr-L337, Fuck Fish. Even the fads I do follow and imitate usually contain or are presented in some sort of artistical way. Some people translate these artistical alterings into nonsensical garbage. These users of course probably do not enjoy Salvador Dali or Picaso's artwork. See also director David Lynch and music artist Aphex Twin.


In the beginning, I voted much more harsh. Giving 5's only on occasion. Over the years it became pretty ill-often that I voted lower than a 5. If the site entertains me in anyway, its probably getting a 4 or 5 + a comment. If I feel it could have been better and in a particularly bad mood, 3'd. 2s are for garbagetmnds, and I have to be pretty offended to give out a 1. You'll know cause I'll spam all of his or her sites with the standard OMG GTFO UR GHEY statement.

  • Browser Preference

FireFox... well.... FireFox with an IE Tab plugin. I test and have all my sites sync for IE first, as the majority of ytmnd users use IE according to a statistic given by max in some news release. I can't be bothered to find it. See? Lazy. Both browsers have their advantages. At the time of writing this bit of info, FireFox does not play .mp3s natively without preload, it bugs you to download an apple plugin (ugh) which ultimately does nothing. However, FireFox not only has the capability of playing .gif's faster (0.05 to 0.02 fps), but with a more consitant playrate. IE cannot play .gifs any faster than 0.06 fps; Any .gif with a faster framerate than 0.06 fps will actually play slower. Also, the longer the gif is in IE, the more it will slow down toward the end. So while a gif that wields 200 frames can be played at .1 for all 200 frames in FireFox while IE will slow almost to a stop by the 200th frame before repeating. This may be computer related, but it seems to be the general consensus. Confused? You should be.

User Trademarks

*FAV!* users

Selected Site Fav's

Norman Bates & Lesbian Robots
Brian Peppers (Piano Teacher)
Picard & Jack Black perform The Barber of Seville
NEDM Drummer!
Rejected Cadillac Ad
Have You Ever Noticed


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