YTMND:For Gameboy

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YTMND: For Gameboy
Preview image
Creator: smoothmedia
Created on: October 30, 2005
Sound origin: Nintendo
Image origin: gameboy and various ytmnd fads)

YTMND: For Gameboy is a YTMND by smoothmedia that follows a similar format of "Pokemon Red and Blue" versions for the original Game Boy. It was soon followed by a downloadable flash version, in which the player can get challenged by some of the YTMND fads while fighting with 3 other fads that can be selected.


The original site opens mid-battle between a Pokemon trainer and a wild Brian Peppers. The trainer opens with Captain Jean Luc Picard, who flees when Brian molests him. Brian then defeats Owl by countering its O RLY? attack with a Ya Rly attack (No Wai!) but is defeated by Katamari's OMGWTFBBQ attack, causing him to roll away. After the battle, a n*gga steals the trainer's bike, causing them to battle. The trainer sends out batman, but the n*gga sends out The King, who doesn't change facial expressions and causes batman to tard out. The trainer sends out a TIGER Handheld, which uses supersonic beeps to explode the king's head but is soon crushed by the n*gga's Thwomp. The trainer sends out a taco and pours Gay Fuel on it, turning it into a secret taco nazi that defeats the Thwomp: "Yep, I want chicken", says the defeated n*gga.

Other fads referenced in the site are Snickers, Stapler, and Cloudsong. YTMND: For Gameboy was in the former Hall of Fame and has over one million views.

Watch the second version of YTMND: For Gameboy including more fads that were left out of the first edition. Also, a similar concept, YTMND Kombat: Gameboy Edition.

Flash Game

A playable version of it can be found at, with 15 characters. Each character has a unique attack.

Character Attack
Brian Peppers Molest Attack
Picard Phaser attack
Owl O RLY? Attack
Katamari OMGWTFBBQ Attack
Batman Ualuealuealeuale attack
N*gga Punch Out attack
The King Brett Favre Football Attack
TIGER Handheld Supersonic Beeps
Thwomp Thwomp flew into the air...THWOMP ATTACK!!!!
A Taco Poured a Can of Gayfuel; OMG! Secret Taco Nazi!
PSP A Feature (It's Super Defective!)
Conan Conan is an alligator
Sonic There's nothing cooler than killing somebody! First, you shoot them! Then, you get outta there!
Ugoff Ugoff is hungry!
Raffi Banana Phone Attack

There are seven main challengers. After you unlock all the characters, you fight the boss, Darth Vader. Each challenger has a special message they say when you defeat them. Only Emo Kid and Darth Veder's defeat messages have sound to go with them; the others are text-only.

Challenger Defeated Text
Sean Connery You're The Man Now Dog!
Max Goldberg What?! How could I lose? I created you!
Christopher Walken Coulda used a lil more cowbell
Dschingis Khan Du Arschloch!
Medieval Man THOU ART The Man hENCEFORTh DOG
Emo Kid How could this happen to me? T_T
Jesus I guess I'm not such an awesome god :(
Darth Vader Noooooooo!

As you win battles, you rise up in rank. There are seven possible ranks: noob, not too shabby, you win at life, Captain of USS Enterprise, King of all Internets, 1337 haXX0r, and You're The Man Now Dog!.