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Gay Fuel
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Original YTMND:
Gay Fuel  
by inkdrinker 
June 6, 2004  
Worthy spinoffs:
Used Music:

Gay Fuel is a YTMND that refers to an American energy drink marketed to the gay community. It was created by inkdrinker. inkdrinker states that he originally discovered the image from a previous YTMND created by petercoffin. He recontextualized the YTMND, changing the looping sound file and zooming text into something more easily propagated. His YTMND has garnished much more success and notoriety than petercoffin's version.

Gay Fuel has spawned several different copies, and has created a spin-off where notable YTMND characters drink Gay Fuel. Original gay fuel sites were just photoshop meshes and add-ins to other fad, but later sites had effort and compared various "gay people" to the drink.

The song used in the fad is "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora, and was later used for sites depicting homosexuality (not neccessarily gay fuel). A notable site to use it in this context is Detailed Sex Map Analysis.

Eventually, the Gay Fuel fad partially inspired the GAYTMND universe.

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