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May 17, 2004  
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Ugoff was a 2004 ad campaign launched by Burger King for their fire-grilled salad. In the Ugoff campaign, a "pouch" designed by a fictional designer named Ugoff (played by Daniel Raymont) to contain hot chicken or shrimp that one orders with their salad was advertised on TV. Originally the website was located at, but now that URL redirects to the Burger King hompage. The original "House of Ugoff" website can be found here: Several famous phrases of Ugoff's include "Please...I am Ugoff", "Ugoff is hungry!", "Shh...Ugoff needs silence" and "Hot chicken and shramp[shrimp]". These catchphrases became popular and Ugoff's voice began to be inserted into various movie and TV quotes/situations. The most popular use of Ugoff quotes have been dance remixes and user gimmicks.

Attack of the Ugoff Clones

As the Ugoff fad grew and became more popular, the YTMND username Ugoff was created. Ugoff's gimmick was commenting "Please...I am Ugoff" repeatedly on many sites. This gimmick was soon copied by someone else, who made Xgoff and did the same thing except they used "Xgoff" instead of "Ugoff". Soon clones for almost every letter of the alphabet were created, and after many sites were flooded with "Please...I am _goff" comments, max deleted all of the Ugoff clones except Ugoff and Xgoff.

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