What is Love!?

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What is Love!?
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Original YTMND:
What is Love!?  
Worthy spinoffs:

What Is Love is a YTMND-turned-fad based on a song of the same title by Haddaway. The original YTMND shown a scene from a Night At The Roxbury SNL skit featuring Chris Kattan, Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell with "What is Love?" playing in the background. This YTMND has spread into its own fad, with other people's faces photoshopped over the original characters faces, and titling it something about the change. For example, What is TNG?. The fad has also achieved mainstream success when a flash movie compilation of the fad cirulated around the internet.


A collection of "What is Love?" YTMNDs. If you know a "What is Love" YTMND not listed here, add it please. Only add YTMNDs with *** rating or higher.

Main and fad-related

  • What is XP? XP (XP) - A site with music from the "What is XP?" site, together with a XP-style image.

Television and film related

Game related

Music related


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