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Original YTMND:
Professor X had ONE weakness!
by Super-Penguin
August 7, 2005
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

Professor X had ONE weakness is a YTMND created by Super-Penguin on August 7, 2005.

The image provided in the YTMND is actually from the comic Ultimate X-men Issue # 49. The character pushing Professor X is Mister Sinister.

The humor of the statement is that Professor X is all but invincible, but the fact that he is confined to a wheelchair makes him vulnerable to accidents involving staircases.

This specific YTMND has spawned several "...One Weakness" fads which visualize the most common Achilles Heel of household names, places, and people. The fad comes in two varieties

  • The original image of Mister Sinister and Professor X is altered to show other characters.
  • The phrase "_______ has one weakness!" is shown in the title. The ytmnd itself shows a picture of the weakness (static or animated).

The sound file accompanying this is a digital remix of the Axel F tune by Edwin van Santen, first seen online in ABS's RGB. The original song was created by Harold Faltermeyer. The remixed song is available on Volume 3 of the YTMND Soundtrack.

This fad is often considered NARV-ish, because many one weakness sites have been created with little or no effort. For example it is beleived that there were over 100 attempts to create a "Steve Irwin had ONE Weakness!" site when news of his death hit YTMND.