Video game-related fads

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This is a group of minor fads related to video games. Those with articles can be seen in the Category:Video Games list: video game-related fads.

Burn Bobonga

"Burn Bobonga" from Chrono Trigger commonly used for various sites involving perverts. This was the original song choice for the Brian Peppers fad.

Donkey Kong

The character Donkey Kong throwing barrels. Examples include Donkey Kong hates Anime, Kong ties up loose ends, and Van Dammes's Worst Enemy.


Various people playing Konami's rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution. Sites will often have a person dancing and arrows in front of them flying up. Most of sites use music from DDR or dance remixes of various songs. Dance Dance Revolution YTMNDs contain photoshops of other YTMND characters playing DDR, or videos of people playing DDR.

...hates Toad.

Toad from the Super Mario series gets chased, hurt or killed by various people, such as Mario and Scrooge McDuck.

Kirby's ipod

An image of Kirby from the series of the same name holding up an ipod with a video on it. This is usually porn, but can be other images as well. Ex: Kirby scales Mount Everest with his ipod

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