Nintendo 64 kid

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Nintendo 64 kid
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Original YTMND:
Nintendo 64 Kid
by SuperSnake2012
March 26, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:

The Nintendo 64 kid fad incorporates an internet film clip of a young boy and his sister exclaiming their joy when they unwrap their Christmas presents to reveal a Nintendo 64 game system. The boy cries out in glee saying "OH MY GOD!", and "NINTENDO 64, THANK YOU". This video is from kuzmadv, and is according to him, taken on Christmas 1998. The identity of the boy is Brandon Kuzma, the girl is his younger sister Rachael.

Curious Behavior

The video is peculiar because of the extreme overzealous reaction to the present that the boy exhibits. Once revealing the contents of his gift, the "Nintendo 64 kid" begins to claw at the box as if to dig towards the contents inside.

Structure of Fad Sites

N64 sites come in different varities

  • Altering of the original video to show the N64 Kid doing various other things or holding up other presents
  • The kid himself photoshopped into different settings.

Video Quality

A common complaint about the N64 fad is the quality of the original video. Due to Youtube's horrific compression algorithm, the N64 kid appears blocky, distorted and difficult to work with in image editing programs. Recently, a higher quality version of the video surfaced on the website of the Nintendo 64 kid [1]


Alternate universes

Several PTKFGS versions of the N64 kid have been created, most notably Blastoise Kid and WIIIIIIII!!!.

Nintendo Kid

Nintendo Kid is a small fad considered by many as being inspired by the Nintendo 64 kid. Nintendo Kid started overnight at 4chan around the beginning of July 2009, and has since caught on elsewhere on the internet, currently having around 80+ variations. These usually consist of Nintendo Kid edited into a different location or someone else edited into the picture. The original image features a kid jumping over a wall with a terrified expression on his face while holding up an Original Game Boy from the 1980's. Most think the fad's success is due to the out-of-context Game Boy and the fact that this fad is quite similar to Nintendo 64 Kid. If anyone has a link they could add here, that would be great. I can't find any good ones.

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