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You may know me from YTMND or from the FPA forums (well actually that doesn't really make sense, since why would you be going to the FPA forums if you don't go to YTMND?). Anyway I tend to stay away from the general YTMND forums, both the WS and NWS versions, as well as spinoffs such as TPILOL and such. I figure I'm probably boring you already so I might as well get on with my introduction.

Hi, my name is Darth Wang. I'm widely known (or at least I like to think I'm widely known) in the YTMND community, as a member of the Forgot Poland Army, and the YTMND user with the most sites (an accomplishment I am quite proud of, but I will probably lose soon). I was also Money-Hat's "Non-featured featured user of the day" on 10/23/07. In my experience, most other YTMNDers either love me or hate me.

Early History

I discovered YTMND one day when browsing some forum which I've forgotten about now (and probably no longer exists). The first YTMND I ever saw was Conan Summons a Fire Spirit. A bit later, I signed up, and created my first - ever YTMND.

It sucked.

But if you still want to see it, here it is. After that, I left YTMND for a while, and concentrated on making Flash movies, which I was, at best, mediocre at. When my 3 Flash trials ran out, I started YTMNDing (is that even a word?) again, and churned out a bunch of unfunny crap. Mainly poor attempts at fad sites, in - jokes that nobody else would get, insults against other people I knew on the intertubes, screenshot sites, and random stuff I considered "cool" at the time. My only notable site of this period was Letter About Xenu, which was my first site to reach up and coming and top viewed, taking advantage of the Scientology fad that was popular at the time. It did remarkably well for something I made using only MSPaint and an audio file copied from another YTMND. For a while it was on my top 5 rated sites. I personally think it's horrible.

The Turning Point

I finally found meaning to my meager, pointless YTMND career when I stumbled upon this beautiful gem of a site. I was confused at first, but then I found myself laughing uncontrollably and added it to my favorites. Looking at the author Aegisreflector's other sites, I discovered the Poland fad, and my enthusiasm for YTMND was suddenly renewed. My first real Poland site was Weird Annoying Noise forgot Poland, a very basic, bare - bones type of Polend. Still, it allowed me entry into the FPA. Since then, I became one of its most prolific and well - recognized members, creating hundreds of Poland and noise sites. Shortly after I joined the FPA, I also switched from the incredibly poor - quality gif editing program I had been using before (which couldn't handle gifs with more than 20 frames) to GIMP, allowing for much better (although still far from professional - looking) image editing.


After several (mostly unsuccessful) attempts to resurrect the Khan fad, I noticed the popularity of alternate universes, and created KHANTMND. RubilacEx helped by creating many of his own, and then the rest of the FPA joined in. I still make KHANTMNDs today, as do many FPA and non - FPA users, but it hasn't quite become mainstream yet. However, I think I can safely credit my KHANTMNDs as being the main source for introducing many other quotes from Star Trek 2 (besides the Khan scream) to the YTMND community, thus adding new material to boost creativity round the Moons of Nibia and round the Antares Maelstrom and round Perdition's Flames before I'll- wait, what was I saying?


Created a bit after KHANTMND, LOUDTMND isn't so much a fad, as an ear rape/mockery vehicle used to make fun of other YTMND sites. Of course I had to make LOUDTMND versions of the classic fads first, to make it seem like an alternate universe. I still make these occasionally, but not very many other people do. I usually save the treatment for sites I find to be really annoying. LOUDTMND also has its own Youtube spinoff, LOUDTUBE, created by members of the FPA.

Other projects

Epic Parodies

Getting sick of Epic Maneuver sites, I started a series of parodies, where I would simply take an image from a classic YTMND and stick the epic song over it, labeling it Epic (name of fad) maneuver. For example, Epic Picard Song Maneuver. Several other FPA members joined in, but this mini - fad died out quickly. I generally don't make these anymore.

The Khan Stapler Series

This is a series of YTMNDs I have made featuring, as you probably guessed, Khan and Stapler. I take a long break between making each one. Currently I have made 13.


A short - lived attempt at an alternate universe fad which would be centered on Boomaga's "LOL" from his famous Dramatic Reading site. This idea failed miserably, though I still often use the sound file.

Attempted revivals of old fads

After successfully reviving Khan, I've attempted to revive other classic fads, such as Ugoff, Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch, The Blob, and Bananaphone, with varying degrees of success. One of my best results on this front was my Metal Gear Bananaphone.


The TTS stands for Text-to-Speech. This was an attempted alternate universe fad where I would take the audio from a fad site and change it to TTS. It was more successful than LOLTMND, and many other FPAers participated. I don't make TTSTMNDs anymore, but that's not to say I've stopped for good, I just haven't felt like it recently. M0rtanius created a watermark for the TTSTMND universe, when it originally had none, as well as making several TTSTMNDs himself. I'll probably use his watermark if I make any more.

Darth Stapler

Born out of my attempt to revitalize old fads, and my hatred of the Lazytown fad, I created Darth Stapler. A sort of Bizarro - universe counterpart to Stephanie, Darth Stapler lives in Staplertown, where everyone is a Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch, Hootie can be any random character, Ugoff saves the day from Kaz Hirai, and a certain panel from an old Thor comic book sometimes shows up in the background. Darth Stapler him(her?)self looks like Stephanie with Darth Vader's head, and is always carrying a stapler, either as some sort of accessory, part of his wardrobe, or as an actual part of his body. He can always be identified by his repeated cries of Nooo! and STAPLER! This has proven to be one of my most popular mini-fads among the FPA, but as usual, the mainstream hates it (although lazytown4 loves it, which is ironic considering that the Darth Stapler idea was born mainly from mockery of his sites).

Random Fad Image Put To Completely Unrelated Fad Sound

Basically what it sounds like


It started out as just another goofy alternate universe, where I would paste signs saying "Vote 5" over the fad images, and splice "Vote 5" into the audio (composed of Puff Daddy saying Vote from an episode of South Park, and Khan saying Five from Star Trek 2, part of his famous "THIS IS CETI ALPHA 5!" line). However, when One of my VOTE5TMNDs got on U&C, Max started complaining, and we had a huge long argument in the comments, which caused several users to criticize the lazy (but hilarious) fad mashups commonly made by myself. Still, I make VOTE5TMNDS. I WON'T BE STIFLED, YOU HEAR ME!

Doug Learns about...

This was an experiment to see if I could force a fad the old way, i.e. simply make a lot of sites one after the other until it caught on. It failed in the end, but I had more success than I anticipated. The "fad" in question was a quote from the cartoon Doug, where he originally said "There's a bomb in the lasagna?" The word bomb would be cut out and replaced with various other things, and a picture of lasagna I found on google image search would be edited to include that item. The title would be "Doug learns about (something related to the item)" and the text would be "OMFG!" To my surprise, after my first few Doug Learns About... sites, other people began making them, to the point where the recently created list was composed of nothing but Doug sites, and they were all over the up and coming. Furthermore, the other people making them were not FPA members, in fact I had never even heard of them before! It just goes to show how easily groups can be manipulated, I guess. After an hour or so, the predictable reaction set in, and all of the sites were downvoted. Still, it was an interesting test. Sites containing the quote are occasionally still made.


This was my result of attempting to divorce the Stapler fad from Milton himself, making a bizarre type of site where people's heads or other objects would be replaced with staplers and the only dialogue would be "stapler" or "staaaaapler". I think it's effective humor due to the absurdity. These sites don't always have STAPLERTMND, or even Stapler in the title, as in Harry Potter Book 7 Spoiler. More recently, theultrayik began making his popular "stapler series", which is loosely based on this concept.


Despite the name, it's not actually an alternate universe, these are just sites I make when I can't access my main computer and editing tools for some reason (computer's broken, on a trip, etc.) Usually all I have to work with are MSPaint and TTS, so I draw crappy comics.


An idea I had where I would take the image from a fad site and then play the entire song instead of just a clip used in the site, except compress it so it would play at high speed. Captain-L337 has recently tried to revive this fad.


An acronym for "You're a fat loser and you have body odor". This was my attempt to force another minifad with the intent of being annoying/amusing. I went to, browsed several movie quotes until I decided on this quote from the movie School of Rock. I then downloaded it and found a picture from google image search of Jack Black in the movie making a disgusted - looking face. I made several fad sites, but it didn't catch on.


This was another attempt to imitate zomglolwtfzor, who is one of my favorite users. The idea was to make a sequence of sites named after all of the rule violations in the YTMND terms of service (shown when you open up the site creator). Each of them would simply have Kirk yelling Khan and some apropos text. One of them, to my surprise, made top viewed.


Also known as "trademarkTMND". This was an attempt to create an alternate universe that required as little editing as possible, and also to exploit the use of the ™ symbol, which was popularized in YTMND titles by murdarmachene and zomglolwtfzor. As I expected, it got a lot of downvotes, but also a good amount of upvotes. I abandoned this after a few sites, since there really wasn't much more I could do with the idea.


A universe based on the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch fad. I made the first one a while ago, but didn't pick it up until recently. The watermark features Hootie from the commercial with TCBCRTMND written on it. The sites usually feature fads or other sites with Hootie and TCBCR edited into the image and audio. A few other people have made these as well.

Reveals a secret....

A fad based on Murdarmachene's site, I've always hated donuts. It features a clip from The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and I will replace the characters' heads with other people and change "donuts" to something else. These haven't really been popular, but they've gotten decent ratings so far (at least by my standards), so I'll probably keep making them.


An alternate universe fad where I will take a gif that needs to be synced for the original site, and change the frame delays randomly, leading to a completely unsynced gif. I've only made 2 of these, and it hasn't really caught on.


Making YTMND fad sites based around chess and historical chess players and events. The point was to be esoteric enough to give the feel of an inside joke, but have the subject matter known enough not to break the inside joke rule. I have discovered that this combination can be really annoying if it is pulled off correctly. I only make these when I have a really good idea, though.


See the main article on MICROPHONETMND

Funny Fad Guy®

This was an attempt to imitate/parody fads such as Ted Danson and Lando which featured a picture of a person and a catchy theme song. I found a distinctive-looking picture and a cool-sounding song and started the fad. A few other people have made them as well, but they are not all that popular.

Funny Youtube Jokes

Inspired by the phenomenon known as Youtube Poop, I would take clips of commonly edited Youtube videos and create an animated gif from them, often making it look strange or distorted. Then I would edit YTMND fads and other sounds into the audio.

The Wrath of Khanmic Book

I made this when I discovered that Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan was being made into a comic book, so I got the issues and scanned famous scenes from them and posted them as YTMNDs, with the original dialogue from the movie. I like to compare and contrast the comic with the movie, and also the artwork was pretty funny in some parts. Surprisingly, this series yielded one of my highest rated sites.

Moot Man

A parody of the Moon Man fad, named after Moot, the founder of 4chan. I got the idea when I saw two sites on Recently Created next to each other, one of which had Moot in the title, and the other that had Moon Man. It uses the animated gif of Moon Man with the 4chan logo edited over it and some other alterations. The idea behind the character of Moot Man is that he is an obsessed Japanophile who, like Moon Man, will torment and harm you, except by doing things related to his insane Wapanese obsession. I made a few sites and people seemed to like them, but I ran out of good ideas for the fad after a while. I'm currently working on a Moon Man vs. Moot Man series.

Little Known Facts About DarthWang

  • DarthWang is often depicted as Captain Kirk when he yells 'Khan' and wears a Darth Vadre helmet
  • DarthWang enjoys peanut butter sandwiches
  • DarthWang is known for stating the number he is voting on a ytmnd site in the comment section
  • DarthWang is believed to be Asian but is actually Irish

Other Accomplishments

  • I was the first user to have over 1000 sites (Lcadwallader, Mik3m, tkx7, prariedogeric10, and farkle/farkkkle have since joined the 1000 sites club)
  • I was the first and currently the only user with over 2000 sites
  • I am a member of the 50,000 votes accumulated club
  • I have made several domain grabs. and are probably my best ones.

Favorite Fads

Poland PS3 Bananaphone Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Chadwardenn Ugoff Khan Nooo! Cloudsong Faggotpsa Howard Dean Stapler Jitz Leeroy Jenkins Lex Luthor MAI MACHINEZZZ MacGyver P1ZZ4 Guy PACARD Razor Gator Snoop Nye the Slam Guy zaza KOENTMND (before it was ruined by frontpage fags)

favorite users

In no particular order:

Aegisreflector zomglolwtfzor barf RubilacEx Renegade64 murdarmachene Kassius Psychocola NESer Scytale Daltonofzeal2 Sage920 killfiction keatonkeaton999 sonicrocks pinerocket Dr-L337 juiceman lcadwallader dunsparce Father-McKenzie JohnnyLurg

I'm probably forgetting a lot of people, so remind me if you think I am

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